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Tractor Loader 3rd Function Hydraulic Kit
W.R Long 3rd function hydraulic kit for tractors and front end loaders to operate auxilary hydraulics for grapple bucket attachments and hydraulic cylinders.

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Tractor Loader 3rd Function Hydraulic Valve Kit

Allows the use of a 3rd function such as a grapple or 4 in 1 bucket. This kit is for tractors that use less than 15 GPM, larger tractors will require the upgraded option. Call for more details (you must have your tractor model and loader model numbers when ordering.) The 3rd function kit connects to the power beyond port of your existing loader valve. This is a full 3rd function kit allowing you to raise/lower, dump/curl, and open/close at the same time. The hand grip with three position rocker switch is designed to fit over you loader joy stick and be screwed on.

Our valve kits are powered by the power beyond port. The purpose of the power beyond port is to provide auxiliary power to attachments beyond the loader valve. Example: 3 point hitch, rear remotes, backhoe, etc. The majority of tractors / loaders will continue to supply fluid to the power beyond port at all times. It doesn’t matter if you dump, curl, float, go up and curl at the same time, etc…. With that being said there are some that will not. Some will stop sending fluid to the power beyond port if you go up and curl at the same time or float. ( do more than one function at a time) and instead the loader valve will dump all the excess fluid back into the tank. This means you can only use 2 functions at a time. It’s still a 3 rd function valve since you are adding a 3 rd set of hydraulics to the front of the tractor, you just don’t get to use all three functions with one motion of the joystick. Example. You can go up and control my valve at one time, curl and control my valve at one time, up and curl, etc. If you are concerned about this the way to check it would be to connect to your rear remotes with a attachments and run that attachment. Then try to go up and curl your bucket all at the same time. Not counting once you have gone all the way up and curled all the way back since then your relief valve will kick in and all fluid get diverted back to tank then. “Southwest” on the joystick. If your rear attachment stops or significantly slows down then you have lost the fluid to your power beyond port and you are limited to only using 2 features at one time. If everything continues to work then you still have fluid going thru the power beyond port and you will be able to use all three functions at one time. Example: (Up, curl and open attachment). Long story short is the customer could not use all three functions with one motion of the joystick. It’s all about what the tractor loader valve does…

Our valve is made for momentary use like open / close or left / right operation. It is not made for rotary implements like augers. The valve has a extremely tight tolerance and if held down to use a rotary attachment it will heat up and swell causing the valve to seize. Thanks!

-Josh Nabb, W R Long, Inc.

Attn: These are custom kits available for many tractor makes/models. Call us to see if a kit is available for your tractor.

NOTE: If your tractor comes with a backhoe as standard equipment like the Kubota L39, then the hose lengths will be correct. If you have a backhoe that is an option or later added on, then the hose length and hose end may not be correct since the valve kit is designed for the loader when there is no backhoe present.

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Our Price: $837.00

Product Code: TRA-3RD-FUNCL

Hose Saving Spring

Spring protector for your hydraulic hoses [Add $60.00]
3rd Function

3rd function upgrade:
Upgrade for tractors that use more than 15GPM [Add $100.00]

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3rd function valve kit allows for use of a grapple or 4 in 1 bucket Kit is complete with 1/2" ag couplers. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
How To Series - 3rd Function Auxiliary Hydraulics for Tractor Loaders

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Easy to install, and does what it's supposed to. February 6, 2017
Reviewer: Murph from NH United States  
Ordered the WR Long 3rd function kit after reading several reviews and talking to a mechanic at a local tractor dealership.  I received the kit within a week of ordering.  I am very happy with Everything Attachments.

I have about 3 hours into the install (would have been much less if it wasn't 15 degrees out, and I wasn't out of shrink tubing).  I took my time, and soldered all the electrical connections instead of using crimp connectors.  
The only 2 negatives I can say is that the joystick knob fell off the front tire (had set it down for a minute while gathering up what I needed to do the installation), and the bottom cover cracked into pieces.  Probably not the sturdiest plastic ever manufactured, but it was well below freezing out.  I was also a little disappointed to see "Made in China" in big, bold white letters on all the hydraulic hoses, but I guess that's just the times we live in.  Overall, I'm very happy, and would order another if I had the application for it.

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Great Service January 30, 2017
Reviewer: Joe Klukan from Walton Hills, OH United States  
You will not be sorry you bought anything from them. They are friendly, helpful, and return you calls like they say they will. Fast prompt service, you will not regret your purchase!

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Easy peazy January 23, 2017
Reviewer: Bart Miller from Tallahassee, FL United States  
I literally installed this kit on my 2016 JD 4052M in about 45 mins. I cant believe AgPro wanted $500-600 to install. The product was perfect.

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Installed 3rd Function Valve on Kubota 3400 w/back January 21, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Rapid City , SD United States  
Worked as advertised. Did hook up the hoses to the third valve before attaching to tractor. This seemed to work the best since there isn't much room to attach the hoses once the valve is attached to the tractor. I ran the electrical power directly to the battery with the inline fuse in place which was easier then trying to wire into existing wiring.

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WR Long kit works great on my J.D. 4120 January 8, 2017
Reviewer: Mark Gilkey from Albany, OH United States  
I was a bit nervous about installing the kit, but it was made to fit my John Deere tractor perfectly. The only thing I strayed from was that I used the 45 fitting on the port closest to the loader, in order to lessen the bend on that hose. I did make a call to Nelson at WR Long to make certain that I had the hydraulic kits lines going to the correct ends of the power beyond ports and ask if it was ok to use the fitting on the other port. I was correct in what I thought, but it was reassuring to know that I was. It is pretty straight forward and generally a simple install. It takes some time to pull the seat, mount the loader bracket, run the wire etc. I also needed my son to feed me the hydraulic hoses from under the tractor to hook up to the PB lines, but otherwise it is a one person install. Also when I talked with the people at Everything attachments, I was impressed with their knowledge and good customer service. I would recommend them and buy from them again in the future.

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