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  Fred Cain Tractor 3 Point Hitch Subsoiler S-2
Fred Cain Tractor 3 Point Hitch Subsoiler S-2
Fred Cain Tractor 3 Point Hitch Subsoiler S-2

Fred Cain Tractor 3 point hitch Subsoiler S-2 Free ground shipping to your door within 1,000 Miles. The Fred Cain S2 subsoiler is a Category 1, 3 point hitch hook up. The subsoiler makes the soil more productive by breaking up the hard pan that forms from rain or heavy compaction from extended use. It gives moisture a chance to penetrate to sub-levels and be held in reserve for the dry spell ahead.
This attachment uses a 7/16" shear bolt, 2 1/2" length, grade 2 soft metal...
Free Shipping within 1,000 Miles
Can ship ground
Our Price: $399.00

No Longer Available

Hi. I'm Ted, from Everything Attachments. We're here to show you a subsoiler. We're going to show you what it was meant to be designed for, and then we're going to show you a few extra things that you can do with it, although, we may not recommend it. OK What this is really designed for is for those that have pastures, whether it be horses, cows, or whatever's that's in it, that's got grass on it. You've got low areas where the water isn't settling into your water table well, you've got water standing in low areas, things like that. You want to keep your grass and all in good condition, but you need to break the crust on the ground where it's compacted to let the water go in. This foot will allow it to go down about 2 feet. This is thin, so it isn't going to disturb the grass much at the top. It's going to do a little bit of opening a hole at the bottom, so it's going to let the water go down in off your hard areas in the bottoms of your pastures. Another thing that I've used these for a lot, and my service manager here, Kevin, put in pipe, power lines, phone lines, and a little bit of everything. I'm not going to recommend this to you. This is up to you if you do it, but we [inaudible: 01:24] around the beam here, hook the lines, the wire pipe, whatever it is to it. If you've ever seen a vibratory plow like the cableman comes from the cable company, and puts in the ground. He just barely leaves a little groove. He's only putting that cable about that deep, but a vibratory plow looks just like this on the bottom, except it vibrates to help it pull through the ground so it doesn't need a big tractor to do it. This is kind of like the vibratory plow, without any vibrations. You simply have to use the horsepower to pull it through the ground. If you do anything I just told you about cable, water line, or whatever, you do it at your own expense. It sure does work good; we've put thousands of feet of water line and stuff in. You can make you a device, weld it to the back here if you want to hook it to, simply wrap a chain around this beam here, depending on how deep you're wanting it to go, and it works great to bury different devices with. We're going to show you what it's supposed to be use for, and that's breaking the crust in a pasture and letting the water go in without disturbing the ground. This implement can be pulled with a tractor of somewhere just maybe a little under 30 horsepower, and on up, well into the 50s or 60s. If you were to hit a really big rock or something under the ground, it's going to shear this bolt right here that's connected to your top link, and let this plow fold back to keep from damaging anything. OK, Peanut. Once it gets down under the ground, it's opening a spot up under the ground that's large, to let the water go in. That's hard, clumpy red clay; it's going to settle right back down in just a short amount of time. If this were in a pasture, it's raising it up a little bit. Your cows and stuff are going to push this right back down. The first time it rains, you're not even going to know it's been there, except the water that used to be standing is going to be going into your water table. If it's a side of a big hill where the water's running off, it's going to allow it to go in there instead of running off to the neighbors pasture. Whether you're using this in a pasture or you put your pipe or something in the ground, you want it to really look good. It's just a matter of driving over it one time and you're going to barely tell that that ground's ever been disturbed. From here on out, the seam is right here but you can't really tell, and if I hadn't roughed this up early, this grass would look nice and smooth. It just pushes right back in.
This unit has a high carbon shank inch thick with high ground clearance. The beveled shank will penetrate the soil 18 inches and is equipped with shear pin protection. The subsoiler will also run a water line deep enough below the freeze line in most Southern areas.
The subsoiler weighs 115 pounds.

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Exactly what I expected September 25, 2011
Reviewer: Joe from Elliott, SC  
I bought a Cain S-2 subsoiler on June 18th.  

I'm rather old but after a couple of hours I got it assembled.

I mounted it on a John Deere 4005 CUT and proceeded to "subsoil" a garden area approximately 100 x 150 feet, that had not been worked in many decades.

It worked flawlessly ... as I expected!

Easily assembled, mounted and utilized ... breaks up the hard pan / clay layer to allow drainage and water reserves.

The Fred Cain S-2 Subsoiler is an excellent piece of equipment when needed.  Quality implement from Danville, KY.

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