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  Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 6 way Tractor Scrape Blade

Bolt on sides and skid shoes sold separately.

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Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 6 way Tractor Scrape Blade

Made from 5/16" American steel right here in Newton, NC, comes the Everything Attachments XTreme Duty tractor scrape blade. We have made the ultimate scrape blade complete with tilt and angle features to ensure it can do any job you need it to. Also available with side walls and rounded skid shoes to make it even more versatile. Try pricing this blade against a Rhino 500 series blade, made in Mexico. Everything Attachments blades, with the options and price can't be beat... Free Shipping within 1,000 miles

  • 35-80 hp rating
  • 7 forward/ 7 reverse settings
  • 3 left/ 3 right offset settings
  • 15 degree and 30 degree tilt settings
  • Hardened American made cutting edge
  • Laser cut precision
  • Quick Hitch Compatible (category I & II)
  • Free shipping within 1000 miles
  • 16" high moldboard
  • Free Shipping within 1,000 miles

Skid Shoe and side plate pricing below is only valid if ordered with scrape blade.

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Read Everything Attachments Product Warranty
The Everything Attachments 6 way scrape blade is the best blade on the market, it is American made with an automotive quality paint job. Free shipping within 1,000 miles. Prices start at $1,401.00

Everything Attachments 6 Way Scrape Blade
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
ETA-XD-6WAY-SBLADE-60 Everything Attachments 5 Six Way Angle Tilt Blade for 35-80HP Tractors 449 lbs.
ETA-XD-6WAY-SBLADE-72 Everything Attachments 6 Six Way Angle Tilt Blade for 35-80HP Tractors 465 lbs.
ETA-XD-6WAY-SBLADE-84 Everything Attachments 7 Six Way Angle Tilt Blade for 35-80HP Tractors 490 lbs.
ETA-XD-6WAY-SBLADE-96 Everything Attachments 8 Six Way Angle Tilt Blade for 35-80HP Tractors 575 lbs.
ETA-BLADE-SIDES-W Sides for Everything Attachments Scrape Blade
ETA-SKID-SBLADE-SHOES-W Skid Shoes for Everything Attachments Scrape Blade
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Video Transcription:

Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments and we're here today with our new scrape blade. This is a six-way angle tilt blade; meant for up to 80 horsepower tractors. Everything we've done for this blade is similar from blades that I used to sell when I was a kid. We were a Rhino dealer, and the little Rhino and the big Rhino were the most popular blades back then. We took a lot of what we liked about those blades and improved on it, made it a little stronger, made a lot more options on it. You don't have to buy a special kit to put on it if you want to be able to use it on a quick attach which that's another $300 to add to a Rhino blade.

We bought a Rhino blade just to look at it. With the side shields and with the front adapter kits, we actually paid more for it as a dealer cost than we're going to sell this blade for to you to deliver at your house. That means the dealer and the distributor and everything in between would still be in between the price of the Rhino blade and what you're going to be paying for this one. This is going to be a really good blade at a really affordable price.

We've engineered a lot of the stuff into it, like we've added the stand for the quick attach when you don't have your sides on so you can still be able to pick it up and it'll stand straight. Put me a little bit to the side here. Just so you can see, this whole piece under here is one piece all the way around to the sides, and we even weld the end of the tube shut for a couple reasons.

Anytime you have an open tube, a lot of people just stick a rubber cap in it. It looks good, but when you weld a piece in the end of it, it gives it a whole lot of strength so it doesn't skew to the side. So, we do it for the strength and also if you've ever had an open tube on a disc harrow straight blade or something, and you've been back there hooking it up to your tractor, and gotten bee stung because bees are always famous for going into these metal tubes and making their nests. We're capping all our tubes on almost every attachment just so that doesn't happen also.

Your bottom hole would be for your quick attach. The top hole would be for your top link or if you're just using the top link, you could use either depending on how much roll you want it to have when you pick it up. We do use the Clevis style hitch so it's easy to hook up instead of just a single pin. Most of everything on here is 5/16 in thickness, all the plate, the moldboard. There is a piece of half-inch back here on the back.

We've added the plates with a big nice brace in here where you can use it. It's not a box blade but you can kind of use it for that and keep all your debris from going off the side of your driveway and so forth, and then move some dirt with it. It's not exactly like a box blade, but for what little bit those plates cost, there's a lot you could do with it.

On all of the pins and so forth, we've added chains so you can't lose the pin and we've used round holes that are indexed perfectly to give you the most strength. Now, we've put a . . . most of the manufacturers are simply using a metal pin with a hole drilled through it and a really big Carter pin because all they're trying to do is keep the blade from falling off.

We want you to be able to have a nut where you can get just the right amount of tension between these two plates so you don't have slop. As things wear and so forth, you could change another notch, tighten it back up. That's an expensive nut, but it's just some of the things we're able to give to you to make it a better product because we don't have that distributor and dealer and all that in between me and you.

On the back here I don't think you'll see this. I've never seen this on any of the other blades. All the other blades I've sold use the four by four construction. Simply use the pin and the four by four is what's riding on this plate here which has eight adjustments in each hole, in each side, front and back, and it can be rotated. On the eight foot blade we added six inches in the tube so you'll still be able to rotate it without taking it off your tractor.

So, you've got eight separate adjustments back here. Easy to do with a pin and we've added this whole plate under here which just barely misses the holes here for your pins. Then added gussets in every direction and that's why we're rating it up to 80 horsepower four-wheel drive tractors because we've put so much strength in there. It shouldn't be any problem. We've tried it out. Everything's been good so far.

We've added a nice hook here so you can pick it up off your truck like when you get it from us or just around on the farm in general, or wherever you're using it. If you'll notice these little notches here, that's because it's real critical to get this pin straight. If that pin's not straight, then this whole thing isn't going to line up with everything. So, we cut that with a laser, make one bend, and then so it's preset as a line board hole so we don't have this going up or down, rubbing the edges, it's the way it should be.

Peanut's great, turn this around. Some people think Peanut's my son, but Peanut's actually about five years older than I am for anybody that doesn't know that. Just thought I'd go ahead and get that out there. The back of this mull board is 5/16. We use a special dye to kind of give rounded bends on it where it doesn't have creases and it's not flat, because I don't like a flat mull board with just two bends on it on the end.

Now, to be able to use the plate on the end we've strengthened the edge up really good. So what we did was we put two extra plates, two braces across here, and then while we were doing it, because we can and it's so easy now that we've got our laser. We lasered out another piece and these shoes. The shoes are optional, the plates are optional, but they're not very expensive especially if you're ordering them when you order your blade.

Now, we've made it to where you've got about 10 different adjustments on these shoes and depending on what pitch you put your top link on is going to depend on how much area you get between your brick paver, cement asphalt, and your blade so you're not scratching up your whole driveway and so forth. You just simply change them with a pin.

We've added a lot of things that are really nice. It also has your adjustment in the back here and that's going to be your tilt. This blade, you can angle the blade at 360 degrees, you can tilt the blade in two different adjustments to be able to cut a ditch and you can offset the blade and tilt the blade so your tractor can stay on the road and you can clear out a ditch, or you can offset it a little bit and tilt it, and cut a nice big ditch.

There are a lot of things from one end to the other that just make this blade for this size better and the best cost effective blade that can be bought that I've seen. When you add your plates here you can see that they do have braces. The cutting edges are Vault cutting edges, U.S. made. We're using the best quality material we can, good U.S. paint, the same that you would use on a car. It's Caterpillar industrial yellow.

This blade comes in five feet which is probably not going to be a big seller for this heavy duty of a blade; six, seven, and eight, so between those four sizes I think we've got everything covered. Just give us a call or an email at Everything Attachments and we'll help size the blade for you.

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Great blade January 28, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from London, OH United States  
The XTreme Duty 6 way blade is just what I was looking for. The offset plus rotation gives the ultimate in versatility for clearing snow. Everything went smoothly in the ordering and the sales team answered all my questions quickly.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great Blade October 26, 2014
Reviewer: Tim Graff from Mansfield, OH United States  
Bought 60in blade to grade my 500ft gravel driveway.  Also bought side wings.   I have a JD 2720 compact tractor.   Blade has worked great.  I's really built tough, like a tank.  The side wings allow it to trap the gravel and act sort of like a box blade filling in holes.  The heavy weight cuts in for level results.  The quick hitch compatibility and stand are very handy for quickly hitching up the blade for use.   It also worked well moving snow last winter.   The people at Everything Attachments were great to do business with.  Two thumbs up!!

Was this review helpful to you?

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