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  Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow

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Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow

The deluxe box frame disc harrow from Everything Attachments features all of the best hardware from custom bearing hangers, roller bearings, and two crank adjustments to easily set the angle of the front and rear gangs to your preference. This model of disc harrow can be ordered with 16 or 20 discs, measuring in 16", 18", and 20" diameters.
  • Roller bearings on all discs
  • 1" axle shaft
  • Tubing is 3" x 3" steel that is 3/16" thick
  • Hitch and end plates are 5'16" thick steel
  • Category 1, 3 point hookup
  • Quick Attach Comatible
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles of Newton, NC

American Made Attachment

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MODEL Cutting WidthNo. of BladesBlade DiameterWeight
ETA-XD-BF-DH-16-16 68" 1616"665 lbs.
ETA-XD-BF-DH-16-18 68" 1618"686 lbs.
ETA-XD-BF-DH-16-20 68" 1620"751 lbs.
ETA-XD-BF-DH-20-16 82"2016"749 lbs.
82" 2018"779 lbs.
82" 2020"810 lbs.

Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
ETA-XD-BF-DH-16-16-N Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow with 16 16 Notched Discs
ETA-XD-BF-DH-16-18-N Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow with 16 18 Notched Discs
ETA-XD-BF-DH-16-20-N Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow with 16 20 Notched Discs
ETA-XD-BF-DH-20-16-N Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow with 20 16 Notched Discs
ETA-XD-BF-DH-20-18-N Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow with 20 18 Notched Discs
ETA-XD-BF-DH-20-20-N Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow with 20 20 Notched Discs
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Video Transcription:

Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments and we're today with our small deluxe xtreme duty Everything Attachments disc harrow. This is a category one hitch. Even though it's a fairly small disc harrow we build all of the deluxe features in it that our bigger disc harrows have. We also have angle-iron framed disc harrows for the really small tractors. This can come with 16 discs, which would be four on each gang of four, or twenty discs, which is five. Right now we have 18 inch discs on them. We could put 16 inches on it, and we'll offer that for sale. Most of them we think will be sold with 18s. We're also going to offer them with 20 inch heights diameter discs.

On this small model, which is the small deluxe frame, it has one 3/4 inch U-bolt on each hanger and if you'll notice [inaudible: 00:01:16] that's formed and built, there are all sealed ball bearing discs. This is quick attach ready. We've even put the bushing in here for you bolted in.

We've spaced this out and lowered it for the mid-size compact tractors to keep the blades out of the tires, just to make it a better safer, a better working design. Most of the discs like this I've seen the pins are up so high that the midsize tractors they barely pick them up and when they try to go through the field or whatever they're dragging them, so we've lowered the hitch quite a bit so you'll be able to pick it up completely and there will be no problems setting it down of course.

Now for a smaller disc, they could be as small as 16 discs. We've added these cranks where you can simply adjust your angle instead of really struggling trying to get the pin out of this main frame here. Turn this to the side Peanut.

So a couple of things we've done; what's normally done, there are two main types of discs. It's either an angle iron disc or it's a tube frame disc, or a box frame. And most people just cut the box, put two flaps on it, run the outer tubes through there and what we've done is everything to do with the frame or carriage that holds the gangs we've put below the main frame. So the main frame is solid; it's a rectangle, it's all welded. We've made these areas here drop down where we can make them, because if you run a flat piece across the top, then the opening has to be, because this is changing angles and it's three inches wide. You have to leave the opening really wide so it can get to its full 21 degrees.

When you do it through a thin piece of metal and make a really tight fit, then it doesn't have the tendency where you can make it really tight here, make it really tight here, and it doesn't what you call pigeon toe. Because once a disc starts twisting and starts pigeon toeing, then it's pretty much finished and you're going to need to do some major repairs.

So we've come up with what we think is the best design to build to hook to your tractor, is the easiest to adjust, and just the best all around. We're using as high quality components as we can get. We're making everything that's yellow, especially the hangers. We've got a really neat design. Everything is made in house, and everything attachments.

The way this adjusts, and I wish you could see it better. We'll take a picture and put in into the video. But basically it has a screw jack here on top of the trunnion where it hooks to both. Now if you've ever gotten a disc and you've had to have a hammer to beat it back and forth, we've got this all spaced with our laser where everything--nothing is tight onto the main three by three tube there. You're not going to have to have a wrench to loosen it up, so you can tighten it. You're 'not going to need a hammer and a chisel to adjust your angle; you simply crank what angle you want to into it. So you can do from zero degrees to twenty-one degrees simply by turning the crank on each end. Bring it around to the back and we'll show them the back.

She may even get a better idea from the back of how we've formed these pieces; that's what's made that width there--3/4 inch u-bolts making it strong. Our heavier disc, which goes up to 24 gangs and up to 22 inch discs, it does have double u-bolts. They both have the cranks on them here where you can adjust your angle. And just everything about this is precision made; it's all cut on a laser and this is the way we're going to be making them in the future. We're just now getting these on our website. We've got four different models built and designed. We're getting ready to go to the Moultrie Show this week in Georgia. And then we'll be back to get back to work.

But this is the best disc harrow on the market for this size. It comes in about 50 plus different combinations, because we do also have the round smooth disc or the notched disc, 16, 18, or 20-inches. Then if you want 16 of them or you want 20 of them, you can pretty much get this your way. We're going to have them all priced and there are going to be a lot of different options, but you're going to get what you want.

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New Disc July 8, 2015
Reviewer: Gary Huddleston from Beardon, AR United States  
I was impressed with the quality at first glance, it is so wet here all I could do was to unload it .Im hopeing it dries soon so I can experioment in the field. i appreciate the educational videos you guys do it is mso much help for us beginner sod busters. I will continue to order any future implements through EA.

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Five Stars Plus ! June 22, 2015
Reviewer: Frank Hoerauf from Seaford, NY United States  
I fully expect this Disc Harrow to last me a lifetime and then some. Super heavy duty. Made in the USA ! I can not say enough good things about this item.

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16-20 deluxe box frame disk harrow June 20, 2015
Reviewer: Slickheadhunter from United States  
This harrow is very well made, and is heavy. The gang adjustment works exceptionally well and effortlessly, and the paint job is beautiful.
This harrow makes the 5th piece of equipment I own from everything attachments and the one thing that all of there equipment has in common is that it's overbuilt! When it comes to anything you put on the back of a tractor, overbuilt is the only way to go.
Very happy with there disk harrow and everything I own from them.

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16 Blade Disc Harrow March 18, 2015
Reviewer: Wayne Deshotel from Hessmer, LA United States  
Very well Built, Front and Rear screw adjustments work extremely easy.  Very excited to try it out this week if it can every stop raining down here in Louisiana.  Will give updated review once I can really use it.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Disc December 19, 2014
Reviewer: Steve Moquin from Athens, AL United States  
Frame is heavy enough to dig in as needed. The angle adjustments are easy to use.

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