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Agrimetal Tractor PTO Leaf Blowers

Hurricane force Leaf Blowers are found at Everything Attachments. These PTO driven leaf blowers are designed for commercial tasks. Get the right tool for your next large scale leaf blower project.

PTO driven blowers that will require you to have at least 16 PTO hp on you tractor to run the smallest PTO driven Leaf Blower, and up to 45 PTO hp to power the largest leaf blower we sell.

These Leaf and Debris Blowers produce so much force that if you walk within 5 ft. of the blower air stream, they will literally take your feet out from under you! Certain models will blow dry leafs well over 30 ft., and they will blow wet leafs 20 ft. The 3 point hitch blowers have a chute that can be raised or lowered with a cable while seated on your tractor. This chute will divert air to the left or right of your tractor.
When the chute is raised to the most powerful position, it will blow leaves to your left. If you change to blow leaves to the right, the chute inverts the air force 180 degrees and blows leaves from the right while still retaining 90% of the Leaf Blowers force all while not having to turn your tractor around.

The PTO driven leaf blowers will ship completely assembled except for the chute which takes around five minutes to install. The PTO shaft and shear bolt will also need to be installed on the Agrimetal Leaf blower. This usually takes 10 minutes and a small adjustable wrench. It will ship on a large wooden pallet, and we recommend it ship to the closest terminal or business with a loading dock or business with a good fork lift.