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Bradco Skid Steer Root Rake & Grapple
Bradco Heavy Duty Root Rake Grapple for Large Tractor Loaders and Skid Steers
Bradco Skid Steer Root Rake & Grapple

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Bradco Skid Steer Root Rake

  • Available in 72", 78" & 84" for maximum effeciency
  • Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach
  • Upper push-bar, aggressive profiles with H&L-230 stype teeth work together to neatly gather material into a more manageable pile
  • Zinc plated, greasable, pivot pins with protected grease zerks, and replaceable hardened steel bushings
  • Weld on D-ring for numerous applications
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Hoses and Couplers included
  • Free shipping within Continental US.

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Bradco Heavy Duty Root Rake for Skid Steer, and Large Tractors Loaders has 9 1/2" tine spacing, 72", 78" & 84" Sizes.Free shipping within Continental US.

Bradco 78 Inch Skid Steer Root Rake
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
BR-Root-Rake-UNIV-72-102140 Bradco 72 Root Rake Univ. Skid-Steer Mount B-102140 w/ Hoses & Couplers
BR-Root-Rake-78-UNIV-103820 Bradco 78 Root Rake Univ. Skid-Steer Mount B-103820 w/ Hoses & Couplers
BR-Root-Rake-84-UNIV-103830 Bradco 84 Root Rake Univ. Skid-Steer Mount B-103830 w/ Hoses & Couplers
BR-Root-Rake-84-EURO-111410 Bradco 84 Root Rake euro/global Mount B-111410 w/ Hoses & Couplers
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Specifications 72" 78" 84"
Rake Width 72" 78" 84"
Height (overall) 38" 38" 38"
Grapple Opening 49" 49" 49"
Tooth Position 25" 25" 25"
Length (overall) 27" 27" 27"
Weight 1,095 lbs. 1,150 lbs. 1,220 lbs.
Tine Spacing 9 1/2" 10" 8 1/2"
Bradco’s Heavy Duty Root Rake allows you to remove the toil and leave the soil at your job site with aggressive tine and grapple profiles that lock material in place and stabilize during transport. The leading edge of the grapple travels in a range of motion that pulls material into the bucket area to optimize its large capacity for brush and debris.
Bradco’s Root Rake is constructed of high strength material with replaceable pin-on H&L-230 style teeth for durability, serviceability, and extended life. Expanded metal backing provides protection for cylinders while still allowing visibility to your work area.
More unique features include a pilot operated check for positive lock clamping, replaceable hardened steel bushings at all pivot locations and a weld-on D-ring for countless applications.

Video Transcription:

Ted: Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments and we're here today with the Bradco brand of root rakes. This is a super heavy duty root rake. It also can have other hitches put on it to go on larger tractors and different types of equipment. This has the standard universal skid steer hitch on it, what would be on the same as large farm tractors also. But really, this would probably be used best on a track machine skid steer or a very large tired skid steer, could also be used on 60 to 100 horsepower tractors.
I've seen a lot of root rakes out there. There's definitely a huge difference in the price of some of them, but you get what you pay for. And I'm going to show you something. Besides this just being a very heavy piece of equipment, they've done some things to keep it as strong as they can, but keep it as light as they can. But the main thing is, what they've done to keep it strong is going to keep this rake just about indestructible.

All of the top root rake tines are 5/8ths of an inch connected with a single bar for strength, and you would use that and you would roll it all the way down where you can rake stuff up, or of course set your grapple once you've pushed up a big pile to be able to load it into a dump truck. But what makes this root rake unique over a lot of the cheap ones, to start with, just everything's bigger and heavier and it's meant to take anything you can put to it, just about.

This is an inch and a half down here, which is what this tooth fits and goes on with the standard Bradco pin, which has the rubber between it which holds this Pengo tooth on. But what they've done is they've used a single piece of 3/4 inch connecting the two main rails together, and then they've used another piece of 3/4 that goes from the end of the tooth up to the main beam. When you laminate two pieces of steel together, two pieces of 3/4 welded together are almost one and a half times as strong as one piece.
To start with, this whole thing, none of this is mild steel. This is a very good grade of plate steel that's been burned out of plates, and that's the most expensive way to do it, but it's the best way to do it. And when you laminate this, it just makes everything stronger. So, it is an inch and a half from the main beam out to your tooth.
When your main rake part is down, which will go all the way down to your teeth, then you've got these serrated edges here that stick out a little bit through this grip here and it's not just for cleaning up property after a 'dozer or something. Unless you've got something really big, it's for cleaning your property. You can push your small trees and stuff over with this, then root them up with the tines here on the bottom. It also has a D-ring here that's hooked to it, so you can pull stuff if you need to get it out of a ditch or something where you can get to it.
A lot of the features on this rake just include the absolute design of the top of the rake and the bottom. You've got grippers here. You've got this part here -- the reason this is put on here is so when this is down, it gives you more area to be able to push on. So, for your clearing part of the land instead of your gathering part.
When it's all the way down it has stops here, here, and a couple of these tines also bottom out in the middle, so you've got a good stop. So it's not bottoming out the cylinder doing damage to your cylinder. Now, it's also got some grips here. This piece right here is simply a plane, so when you angle this to go under the ground -- this right here's used like a gauge and it's on every one of the teeth
-- to keep you from just keeping on going deeper and deeper and deeper. You can use that as kind of like a gauge wheel, but it's all steel. So, this pin, which is your main pin for your rake top, goes all the way through to here, taking out a lot of the flex in this whole rake, because this is just a severe duty piece. There's nothing light about it, everything that you'll be doing this is severe use. It's got a really heavy mount here for your universal skid steer mount, or for your large tractors. Your cylinder has a pin that goes all the way through one piece.
Everything is greasable. Your hoses are protected inside the main beam, then come out here with a cover over your connections, because you're going to have roots and stuff coming through everywhere. So pretty much, everything's vulnerable on this and they want to protect it as much as they can. With this type of equipment, you're able to clear large areas, especially if you've got a large track machine. This is a very heavy rake, so if you've got less than an 80 horsepower skid steer, you're probably not going to be able to use a Bradco brand of a root rake, because it's going to take at least that if you've got tired machines. It does come with the hoses and couplers, standard flat-face couplers. If you need something different, give us a call or an email, let us know.
But out of all the rakes that I've seen, I've seen them start as low as 2,000 dollars, and if you put a 2,000 dollar root rake with a clamp on it on a 100 horsepower track machine, it's going to take about 20 minutes or less, maybe two for me, to tear it up. This is meant to go the distance, and you get what you pay for. They're not cheap, but they're good. The Bradco company's been around a long time. We're their largest distributor. And we hope that you'll do your business with Everything Attachments. Just give us a call or an email and we'll be happy to help make sure that you get the right attachment for the machine that you have.

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3 of 5 Good design but lacking in a few ways. September 2, 2020
Reviewer: MARTTI SILVOLA from FALLBROOK, CA United States  
The unit is structurally superior and designed very well. I do have a few complaints.
The hyd. hose connection cover plate on the unit has some interference with the block that splits the hyd flow. Fit and finish issue that was solved with some grinding and paint.
The return coupler(male side) leaked from the get go. Replaced it and leak ent away.
Hose management split clamp missing on the left side. This allowed the 3/8 hoses the fall between the coupler plate and be pinched. They didn’t blow but are damaged and need to be replaced.
The hoses are about 1’ too short. The loop does not hang down to the main pívot on the machine so when you dump it hangs the lines. This is probably why they took the last clamp off. So I spent almost $400 and a few hours fixing the issues. Now I have a super solid unit. I’d still buy another one but would make sure it had proper hoses and hardware.  EA RESPONSE:  Every product we sell, from every manufacturer, has a warranty.  If there is an issue, all you have to do is contact us via phone or email and attention will always be given to the issue.  Thanks for the business.

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