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Bradco Skid Steer or Tractor Mounted Backhoe Model 509B
Bradco Skid Steer, Skidsteer, or Tractor mounted Backhoe Model 509B
Bradco Skid Steer or Tractor mounted Backhoe Model 509B


Bradco Skid Steer or Tractor Mounted Backhoe Model 509B

The Bradco Skid Steer and Tractor Backhoe Model 509B is built for Heavy Digging, everyday Commercial Use.

Price Includes Universal Skid Steer Mount and Sub frame example: ($1,812.00 value for a New Holland Skid Steer or tractor,) with Hoses and flat face Couplers.

The price of the sub frame included will cover most skid-steer models made, Bradco makes over 40 different mounts for Skid-Steer loaders. We will provide you with the proper one for your machine, PLEASE specify your machine MAKE and MODEL when ordering. If for a tractor, the mounting is also in (2) halves and can be included for the same price, more or less in some cases. This Backhoe is available for example for the New Holland TC35, TC40, TC45 and also the larger tractors to give you an Idea of the size tractor this is designed for.

You can also order the 509B Backhoe without the Mount and Sub frame, contact us so that we may price your order correctly.

Choose Below the Stabilizer Pads and Bucket that fit your needs.

Our Price: $11,194.00

Product Code: BR-BACKHOE-SKIDSTEER-509-84003

500/600 Buckets

500/600 Stabilizer Pads

-Bradco Backhoes are the King of all add on Backhoe Attachments, whether for a Skid Steer Loader or Tractor. For Strength, Durability, Reliability and Built for Everyday Commercial Use. Other backhoes simply cannot transfer this much digging power to the ground, because the Bradco sub-frame system is so advanced and heavy duty, commercial abuse is no match. Attaches to your machine in minutes, keeping you productive.

-With the available attachments from Bradco, it becomes a versatile machine. With auxiliary boom hydraulics, you can power a hydraulic breaker, a McMillen Auger Drive, a ripper tooth for rocky areas, and a hydraulic or mechanical thumb.

-Remember that all Skid Steer Loaders, by Law, are rated at less than half of what they will lift. The Skid Steer Rating is to full working height.

-Tipping weight will always be more than double than the rated working range. Keep in Mind the Backhoe will always be hooked to the sub frame and will not be lifted by the hydraulics.
Transport Height 7' 9"
Transport Width 5' 0"
Ground Clearance 11"
Length (overall) 7' 7"
Boom Pivot Height 16"
Operating Weight with 12" bucket (lbs) 1,425

Digging Depth (maximum) 9' 8"
Digging Depth 2ft Flat Bottom 9' 7"
Digging Depth 8ft Flat Bottom 8' 3"
Operating Height (fully raised) 12' 10"
Loading Height 6' 10"
Loading Reach 4' 2"
Reach from Swing Post 12' 9"
Bucket Rotation and Swing Arc 180°
Straight Wall Digging Depth 7' 3"
Stabilizer Spread Operating Position 7' 11"
Stabilizer Down Below Grade 16"
System Relief Valve Setting (PSI) 2,500
Digging Force (lbs) (bucket cylinder) 5,675
Digging Force (lbs) (dipper cylinder) 2,754

Buckets & Capacities
Capacity ft³
Capacity ft³
Weight Number
of Teeth
12" 1.43 1.83 140 lbs 3
16" 1.98 2.56 154 lbs 4
18" 2.25 2.98 162 lbs 4
20" 2.52 3.40 168 lbs 4
24" 3.07 4.32 185 lbs 4
34" 4.23 5.80 238 lbs 7
36" 4.48 6.14 257 lbs 7
38" 4.73 6.48 269 lbs 7

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