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Bradco Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum For Skid Steer Loaders
Bradco Vibratory Roller Model VRS, Smooth Drum For Skid Steer, Skidsteer, Loaders
Bradco Vibratory Roller, Model VRS, Smooth Drum, Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach, for Skid Steer & Track Loaders

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Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum

Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum for skid steer loaders made by Bradco are for use on sand, gravel, soils, crushed stone and other aggregates. There are seven models ranging from 48" to 84" working width and it delivers up to 9,370 lbs of dynamic force when operating at 20 GPM. The steel drum has an adjustable steel scraper blade and smooth and paded foot drums are available.

  • 48" to 84" working widths
  • Hydraulic drives are protected and isolated to provide maximum performance and reliability
  • Deliver up to 9,370 lbs of dynamic force when operating at 20 GPM.
  • Steel drum has an adjustable steel scrap blade between the frame and the drum ensuring smooth and uniform compaction performance
  • Ideal for rental fleets, contractors, landscaping, roadways, walkways, bike paths, golf courses, bridges and parking lots.
  • Available with smooth and pad foot drums
  • Includes 80" Hoses and Flat Face Couplers, Flow Range 14-22 GPM & Max Pressure 3,000 PSI
  • Free Shipping within Continental USA!

48", 66", 73" & 84" Sizes Available and Free shipping within Continental US.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
BR-Roller-SMOOTH-Drum-48-VIB Bradco 48 Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum - 105061
BR-Roller-SMOOTH-Drum-66-VIB Bradco 66 Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum - 105062
BR-Roller-SMOOTH-Drum-73-VIB Bradco 73 Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum - 105063
BR-Roller-SMOOTH-Drum-84-VIB Bradco 84 Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum - 105064
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  • Use on sand, gravel, soils, crushed stone and other aggregates
  • Seven models ranging from 48" to 84" working width
  • Delivers up to 9,370 lbs of dynamic force when operating at 20 GPM
  • Steel drum has an adjustable steel scraper blade
  • Smooth and paded foot drums available

  • Video Transcription:

    Hi. I'm Ted, from EverythingAttachments.com. We're here to show you the Bradco padded roller; it also comes in a smooth version. This is similar to what used to be called a sheep's foot for packing loose dirt. It has a nice scraper here to be able to ... if you're in this loose ... if you're in this red clay like this, when it gets wet, it gets really sticky. It's got a grate here, that's going to scrape all the dirt back off in between the pads.

    The first padded version was more like a welded piece of steel that just came up and then went back down, had a hollow spot under it. These nice casted pads do a lot of things; they add a little bit of weight to this machine, this is 2500 pounds, and just gives a better shaped area for harder packing. The denser you can get the dirt, the better it is.

    This is adjustable, your scraper's adjustable. If you're in some really sticky clay and it's sticking, you can move this closer to the drum as you need to. That's 1/2 "-thick steel drum; that's where a lot of the weight's coming from. It's fully ... It has a ... when you put it down, it has a full angle here. This thing's pretty heavy; let's see if I can get it to change. You can be up to this much of an angle off from being flat, but it's still going to be packing the ground because it's going to follow the ground regardless of what the machine does.

    It has a nice foot step here to get in this machine, because you wouldn't want to be on those rollers where those scrapers are. Then it has a really heavy-duty system here that is shimmed so you can keep tightening it up as you need to with wear and so forth to keep any of the play out. This is where your angle is done. This is simply going to follow the ground regardless of what your machine is doing to give you a good, flat packed area. As you can see right here, it's 1/2 "-thick solid steel drum with solid cast iron, cast steel welded pads to it. Then all of this is on a bearing assembly to roll easily.

    Bradco also uses this spring to hold their hoses up on a lot of their attachments; works really good. To be able to use a shorter hose and keep the hoses from getting pinched, you're able to keep this short. Then if it needs the extra length, it just simply pulls it in the direction that it needs to; keeps these hoses out of your way. The hydraulic motor is mounted here, behind this big, heavy protection plate. That's going to be spinning a large counterweighted weight underneath it, which is going to give it its vibrating action. That's what's really going to pack the dirt much better than just like an old-style sheep's foot that went over it with a high spot instead of without the vibration.

    It would help if there was a little more moisture in the ground, but it's still really packing it tight. This red clay's pretty dry right now, but it's still, just by walking on it, you can feel the difference in where it's packed and where it's not. It's packing the ground down about 4 or 5 inches just on one pass, even with it dry like this. You can just feel the earth shaking when you get near this thing. I can't believe how hard it shakes the ground this far away.

    [no audio: 05:05 - 06:41]

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