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Construction Attachments 4-in-1 Severe XTreme Duty High Capacity Bucket
Construction Attachments Severe X-Treme Duty 4-in-1 High Capacity CAL, Skid Steer, Skidsteer, Bucket
Construction Attachments Severe X-Treme Duty 4-in-1 High Capacity Skid Steer Bucket

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4-in-1 Severe XTreme Duty High Capacity Bucket

Construction Attachments offers absolutely the most comprehensive line of 4 in 1 buckets for skid steers available. Not all four in one buckets are used for the same jobs and that is why one size or one style does not fit all. CAL offers an XTreme duty 4 in 1 that is the best fit for your application and your machine. Cal 4 in ones for skid steers and compact track loaders are categorized in Extreme Duty units and Severe Extreme duty units, and then broken down into LC or low capacity units, HC or high capacity units and standard low profile extended bottom units. Here is how our experienced sales staff will help you determine the correct Construction Attachments 4-in-1 for your application



CAL 80" 1MPSXDHC Buckets

CAL 84" 1MPSXDHC Buckets


In theory everyone would like to have as much bucket width as their machine could handle and as much capacity as they can get in a rugged bucket that will hold up to constant use. That sounds like a real plan, but capacity is usually a luxury and not the actual priority for most 4 in one applications. The low capacity line is perfect for small skid loaders used to go into tight spaces where maintaining a healthy capacity is necessary, but reducing the overall machine turning radius and still making the front edge visible are the most important things for the user. These buckets have a standard 22 ½” bottom length to keep the machines turning radius as short as possible and the bucket back is at the 20 ½” height used to make the front edge visible to the operator. On these buckets the visibility isn’t so critical for grading as it may be on the some of the other buckets, but it is certainly well appreciated for working in tight areas without a spotter. Even with the short bottom and low back height these buckets feature a 36 ½” clam opening from the rear cutting edge on the clam to the dozerback cutting edge making them fully capable 4 in one buckets with all pushing, clamping, back dragging and digging abilities of the larger 4 in one models.

The extended bottom, low profile buckets are a great fit for more applications than just about any 4 in one bucket in the CAL line. This bucket also has a 20 ½” back height and an extended bottom for great edge visibility. Here the long 28” bottom and low back make this a perfect fit for someone who is primarily digging and grading. The long bottom aids not only by increasing edge visibility but also, in that the bottom is more easily lined up for finish grade applications that are done more and more often on small job sites with skid loaders and skid steers. Being able to effectively finish grade with the skid loader machine that you have can often eliminate the need for bringing in additional costly equipment just to do the finish work. As with all CAL 4 in ones these buckets can receive a bolt on reversible edge and with the edge a bolt on tooth bar that can be quickly installed and uninstalled for digging operations. The buckets may be purchased with weld on digging teeth in the welded in cutting edge or bolt on teeth that bolt directly into the welded in cutting edge. These buckets have a 39 Ό” clam opening, which combined with the incredible tilt range on today’s machines, allows the clam to stand at a great angle for back dragging loose fill material with limited spillage over the top of the open clam section. A by product of the long bucket bottom is the very impressive heaped capacities achieved with these buckets up to 23 cu-ft heaped on 84” severe extreme models.

High capacity models are just as heavy and rugged as the models designed to grade but have been specifically designed to achieve heaped capacities like a large general purpose bucket and maintain the enhanced loader features found only in a 4 in one bucket. High capacity buckets have that same great 28” bucket bottom that is perfect for grading, but on these buckets the visibility is given away to an extent by adding 4” to the back height which dramatically changes the struck capacity line ultimately increasing the heaped capacity even up to 25 cu ft heaped on 84” models. Even greater capacities can be achieved where necessary by adding a factory spill guard to the dozerback of any high capacity CAL 4 in one bucket. Because they are CAL 4 in one buckets they have the heavy clam bottoms with multiple integrated broken out plates in the clam that means even with their increased capacity they are not limited to lighter materials for loading. The high capacity 4 in one is as well suited to loading full scoops of dense crusher run gravel as it is to loading mulch and other loose materials.

In the skid steer and compact track loader models we recommend an Extreme Duty bucket for skid steers up to 100hp and compact track loaders up to 80hp. It is important not to look at horsepower alone when selecting the correct duty rating for your bucket purchase because of the increased weight and traction that goes along with having a compact track loader as opposed to a skid steer loader. The skid steer loader can have an extra 20hp over the compact track loader and still deliver a comparable amount of input force into the bucket hitch and dozerback moldboard. Severe Extreme duty 4 in ones are designed to handle compact track loaders that are not yet even on the market up to 130hp. Standard equipment for the Extreme duty line includes 5/16” sideplates and doubler plates, as well as, 5/16” side cutters for the clam section. Clam sections also have a 4” turned up section of ½”x4” 1065 tapered cutting edge material to enhance side cutting and to get the most out of the machine horsepower and traction when driving the bucket into a pile of material or digging in the ground. Dozerback moldboards are 3/16” and step broken to a radius moldboard to create a rugged back with excellent material shedding characteristics. All CAL 4 in ones for skid steer loaders and compact track loaders have a broken out 5/16” upper reinforcement and a 3/16” broken out lower reinforcement that runs the length of the dozerback. Extreme duty buckets built to accommodate bolt on components on the front edge are built with a weld in 5/8”x6” 1065 cutting edge on the front of the clam section. These buckets also have a standard bolt on edge at the dozerback bottom that is a reversible edge. The clam rear section has a matching 1065 edge that is welded for improved back dragging. Clamping is achieved on all skid steer 4 in ones and compacts alike, using a pair of custom welded cylinders with a whopping 2 Ύ” bore. Clamping force is often listed on our competitor’s four in one buckets, but rarely completely accurate and almost never explained. The clamping force is a function of several features only some of which are actually controlled by the design and construction of the bucket. The fact of the matter is that current skid steers and compact track loaders push up to and sometime over 3000psi on the auxiliary work ports for larger machines and sometimes as low as 2200psi on smaller machines. A 2 Ύ” bore cylinder in extension at 3000psi generates almost 18,000 pounds of force and we have 2 of those cylinders on every CAL 4 in one in this line. The catch is that those enormous forces are only applicable at a given pressure that is different from one machine to another and that force is divided by several factors including the angle of the cylinder toward the actual lever that clamps the bucket and the distance from the cylinder attachment to the pivot point and the distance from the pivot point to the actual point along the bucket side where you are attempting to clamp an object. These factors cut the cylinder force by more than 50% before achieving the actual force on the item to be clamped. CAL 4 in ones are designed to effectively clamp anything that can safely be clamped and picked up when they are properly matched to a machine and we invite you to compare our buckets based on how the cutting edge returns and fits between the rear of the bucket clam and the dozerback cutting edge after clamping items on one side of the bucket.

Cal Severe Extreme Duty 4 in one buckets are upgraded at several points that are critical and most affected by larger machines with more traction and torque. The hitch has an added broken out U-channel added directly below the top reinforcement for additional dozer reinforcement and to allow the hitch risers more surface to attach. The hitch risers are thicker and spread wider on the bucket to help spread the load more evenly across the back of the bucket. The top rail has gussets all the way across to handle the greater breakout forces and shock loads generated with the higher torque machines and to insure that these machines are unable to separate themselves from the bucket hitch. The only bucket upgrade required to handle the increased force is to the front cutting edge where the 5/8”x6” edge is replaced with a Ύ”x6” edge to handle the greater breakout forces.
Hitch height is a high priority for CAL 4 in one buckets. We are often asked why every piece of literature published about these attachments instructs the customer to specify the host machine when ordering. The reason is that we not only want to size the bucket correctly for the machine size and torque and for the application of the user, but also because every CAL 4 in one bucket or general purpose bucket needs to able to grade against the stops. A bucket will function if it doesn’t and there are many buckets that don’t, but you will achieve a more uniform grade and you machine lift cylinders will receive greatly reduced wear and tear because CAL skid steer and compact track loader buckets will grade against the stops. You should always be able to tilt the bucket back and lower it against the stops. Then when you roll forward to level the bucket should grade at ground level with the bucket level. Universal hitches almost are universal, but by providing the host machine information with your order we can be certain that your bucket will not only hitch up to your machine, but that it will grade against the stops the way it is intended.

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