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Construction Attachments XTreme Duty Root Grapple 1RG
XTreme Duty Root Grapple For Skid Steers and Larger Tractor Loaders
Construction Attachments XTreme Duty Root Grapple

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Construction Attachments XTreme Root Grapple for Skid Steers & Larger Tractor Loaders.

3,000 lbs. Clamping Force at 2,000 psi. Bottom Tines are made of 1/2" A572 Hard Steel and the Grapple tines are made of 3/4" A36 Steel. Ideal Attachment for harsh environments, clearing brush, the removal of debris such as logs, rocks, roots, as well as general site clean-up while leaving the soil at the job site.

Width (in.) No. of Tines Attachment Weight (lbs.) Shipping Weight (lbs.)
66 7 862 1012
73 8 956 1030
78 9 972 1040
84 10 1038 1270

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XTreme Duty Root Grapple For Skid Steers and Larger Tractor Loaders, Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach with hoses and couplers, 66", 73", 78" & 84" Sizes AvailableFree shipping within 1,000 miles!

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
CAL-Grapple-XDROOT66 CAL 66 Xtreme Duty Root Grapple CAL-1RG66
CAL-Grapple-XDROOT73 CAL 73 Xtreme Duty Root Grapple CAL-1RG73
CAL-Grapple-XDROOT78 CAL 78 Xtreme Duty Root Grapple CAL-1RG78
CAL-Grapple-XDROOT84 CAL 84 Xtreme Duty Root Grapple CAL-1RG84
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Technical Specifications::

for skid steer loaders & agricultural tractor loaders
Root Grapple


# of Tines

Max Grapple Opening

Video Transcription:

Hi. I'm Ted from Everything Attachments. We're here today with the construction attachment Root Grapple. It is for the skid steer grade.

This is the full construction grade for skid steer or a heavy or large farm tractor loader. This has three-quarter-inch thick grapples. About anything you put in here, logs, whatever, it's going to keep these grapples from being able to twist. All of the tines are half-inch of a high quality plate like an A572. The gussets are half-inch.

When you look at the tines, what we try to do to make a root grapple work well behind a skid steer, or anything, is use high quality material with the least amount of gusseting as you can use. In other words, this half-
inch gusset does not come all the way out to the end for a reason, and it doesn't come together in the middle for a reason. That's so you're able to tilt that down and be able to push it through the ground.

If we used cheap, light-weight material here on these tines and so forth, then we would have to use a larger gusset. If you look at some of the cheap buckets, you'll see exactly that--a gusset that runs all the way from the center to the point. That will keep it from bending, but it adds extra weight. It takes away from its ability to rake through the ground and get the roots out. The better the root grapple, the less gusseting it will have.

This round tube, some of them use a flat cutting edge, what that'll do is when you get to the end of your tips here, about nine inches in the ground, that cutting edge will work just like a cutting edge on a bucket. It will want to keep diving into the ground. Eventually, it's going to stall your machine because you're too deep.

This round type here will kind of work like a wheel. It'll keep it only about that deep in the ground and let you be able to use it like a true rake. It's got the heavy duty cylinders here. It's got cut-outs so you can see and get through and to take out some of the weight. It's solid where the cylinder is to protect the rods.

It has top and bottom. It has a four-by-four rail all the way across the top for your main push plate and your lift plate. It's 3/8 of an inch thick. You've got a super-strong frame for this whole system.

These half-inch plates are welded all the way through this tube and give you 4 different places for your pin locations straddled like a clevis for your dual grapples.

Everything is protected behind this cover here for your hoses, which come standard with the half-inch flat-face couplers. It has gussets all the way through here, so you're spreading your load through this complete system here. This comes in a 66, 72, and, I believe, an 82-inch grapple for your skid steers.

It comes in several different sizes. If you'll give us a call or email at Everything Attachments, we'll make sure you get the right grapple for your machine.

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Xtreme Duty Root Grapple 1RG February 20, 2018
Reviewer: Lynnís Refrigeration from Phillipsburg, KS United States  
this is the first grapple I have ever purchased. Did not want a flimsy grapple. This unit should outlast me and is xtremely well built.

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XTreme Duty Root Grapple February 7, 2017
Reviewer: Thomas Davenport from Kuttawa, KY United States  
I have only used this Grapple for 30 hours but am totally amazed at what I can accomplish using it on a Kubota SVL95 Compact track loader.
It is extremely well constructed , the design of the teeth makes it easy to go back and rip out all the small lingering roots and begin to level ground at the same time without any worry of damaging the grapple. Great all around design!

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Excellent quality!! December 14, 2016
Reviewer: Bryan Normand from Alexandria, LA United States  
Quality though out this piece of equipment. Excellent price, excellent quality, would highly  recommend the root grappler 1RG.
Couldn't have ask for anything more! Love my root grappler!!

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XTreme Duty Root Grapple November 22, 2016
Reviewer: Bill from Shelbyville, MO United States  
Shipping was fast.  The grapple worked good on my John Deere 329 D skid steer.  Couldn't be more pleased with it.

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HEAVY, but great September 16, 2016
Reviewer: Shane Rose from Versailles, KY United States  
I would rate this 5*, but it is so heavy, that it really should be recommended on tractor physical size rather than only on HP.

The construction is very good. It works very well. It is built like a tank... but weighs as much as well. I understand the need for a heavy duty grapple, and given that it is designed primarily for large CTLs, it is probably exactly what is needed. But, I would not purchase it again for a JD 5100e. My tractor might have 100hp... but the tractor just doesn't have the physical size to handle this grapple appropriately. A Ferrari might put out 660hp... but I wouldn't hook it up to a long haul trailer.

Excellent piece of equipment, but my recommendation is to ONLY buy it if you have the physical sized tractor/CTL that will handle the weight. Otherwise, go with the lighter Mega Wicked Version.

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