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Harley Attachments

Since 1976, Harley Attachments has been a leader. Harley developed the Power Box Rake® concept and have been the leader in design, innovation and manufacturing of landscaping Power Box Rakes®. Accept only the original, no substitutions!

The core principles of design innovation, customer feedback and great customer service have always been the driving force behind the product here at Harley. We believe strongly in these principles and each and every Harley rake that we build comes built up to a quality not down to a price.

Harley knows seedbeds. It’s that simple. We have spent more time in the dirt finding out what works and what doesn’t work than anybody else. Every part of a Harley Rake was designed to help you succeed.

The Harley Attachments Mobile Screeners to compliment the line of Power Box Rakes®. Screeners are designed to give you extra control in removing rock and sifting soil. Windrowing material with your Power Box Rake® for easy pickup with the screener is just one way to utilize this great landscaping combination.
Everything Attachments supplies, uses, and recommends the tough Harley Rake lineup!