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King Kutter Professional Tractor Box Blade - Box Scraper
King Kutter Professional Tractor 3 point hitch Box Blade
King Kutter Professional Tractor Box Blade

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King Kutter Professional Tractor Box Blades are heavy, yet economically priced. It connects to Category 1 3 point hitch and Quick Hitch. This box blade attachment is designed for rugged use by landscapers, farmers, homeowners. You will find these box blades are great for landscaping, land leveling, backfilling, grading, and many other applications. Each box blade is constructed with a 20" specially formed self cleaning moldboard.

These box blade implements have 2 high carbon steel reversible cutting edges (one front and one rear). Each unit features heavy duty, ripper shanks with replaceable, heat treated teeth. Each shank has 4 position adjustment holes that pin to the reinforced frame for maximum efficiency. The shank housing is a 1/4" x 4" x 4" box with slotted holes and pins.

Model No. Width (in.) No. of Shanks Weight (lbs.)
BB-G48 48 4 350
BB-G-60 60 5 415
BB-G-66 66 5 435
BB-G-72 72 6 500
BB-G-84 84 6 530

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Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
KK-Pro-BB-G-48-Box-Blade King Kutter Professional 48 Box Blade
KK-Pro-BB-G-60-Box-Blade King Kutter Professional 60 Box Blade
KK-Pro-BB-G-66-BoxBlade King Kutter Professional 66 Box Blade
KK-Pro-BB-G-72-Box-Blade King Kutter Professional 72 Box Blade
KK-Pro-BB-G-84-Box-Blade King Kutter Professional 84 Box Blade
KK-Pro-BB-G-96-BoxBlade King Kutter Professional 96 Box Blade
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Video Transcription:

Hi. I'm Ted, from Everything Attachments. We're here today with the King Kutter brand of box blades. I just want to point out some of the features that may look similar to another box blade, but make this a little better. One of the things is it is Quick Hitch acceptable. What it takes to do that is a standard measurement between here, and the ability to get your hook onto this pin in here with your Quick Attach. For a standard Quick Attach, you'll use the bottom hole, for an iMatch John Deere hitch, or you use the top hole. It's got a nice plated hitch here instead of just some thin bars, giving it some extra strength. The hitch is extended out to make it Quick Hitch acceptable.

If you'll notice, they've gone through the trouble to give you 4 holes instead of 3 on your adjustments for your [inaudible: 01:00] or your ripper shanks. Replaceable hardened points. They've angled them a little bit to make them a little more aggressive to go down in the ground better. They've also changed the angle of this front cutting edge a little bit, pitching it a little more forward so it'll really get a good cut on hard dirt. They've put a little engineering in it, to make it better than most of the common box blades. Just that extra edge in hard dirt's going to make a lot of difference.

They've added a square tubing back here, which is more expensive and a little stronger than round tubing. Just overall, it has a good finish, and a lot of the features that some of the cheaper box blades don't have. It's a heavy-duty box blade with extra gussets in it. It even has another reinforcement rail back here to support these ripper shanks that you can't see right now.

I love the clevis hitch, and the Quick Attach-compatible. Overall for the money, this is a great box blade, sold and stocked here at Everything Attachments for all of your needs. We'll help size the box blade for your tractor, if you'll just give us a call.

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