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Tractor 3 Point Hitch Boom Pole, Boom Lift BL-6
Tractor 3 Point Hitch Boom Pole, Boom Lift, Rear Crane, BL-6 for Category 1 Hitch
Tractor 3 Point Boom Pole, Boom Lift BL-6 for Category 1 Hitch

Tractor Boom Pole, Boom Lift BL-6
Category 1, 3 Point Hitch
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No longer Available see Fred Cain boom pole

Product Code: LB-BOOM-LIFT-L6
No longer Available

The Tractor 3 Point Boom Pole, model BL-6, category I boom lift is designed with a round tube boom that handles lifting jobs around the farm with ease. There is a lift hook centered on the under side of the boom which allows for up close lifting of heavier loads. The hook at the end of the boom will handle lighter loads onto a trailer. The boom is reinforced on the top with a round rod that doubles as a chain holder. This boom pole is rated at 1000 pound capacity.
Category: Boom pole

Model Number: Rear lift light duty

Weight: 75 Lbs.

Style: 3 Point
Technical Specifications:
Hi. I'm Ted, from Everything Attachments. We're going to show you the Boom Pole. This is our medium-duty, the lower cost of the few that we sell; we sell 2 different brands. We sell the Fred Kane brand, it's about $20 higher than the Lineback brand; they're both pretty similar. The Fred Kane will have a little better paint on it, maybe. This is great for picking up just about anything, loading equipment, unloading, moving things around. For no more than it costs, you'll find yourself using it more than you think. If you're lifting something really heavy, you can get a little closer to the tractor with this. This disc is probably in the 500 - 600-pound range. With the tractor with the load, it'll still pick it up in the end-position without problem. We're just going to pick this disc up, reposition it where we can hook it to our tractor easy. What I recommend is when you're getting your boom pole, if you're just going to be using it to pick things up and set it somewhere, you probably in most cases can get by with the cheaper one. The heavier-duty one is about twice the price. It has square tubing. It has a lot more bracing on it. Both are rated for not a lot a weight-lifting difference, but where this boom pole and the square boom pole set themselves apart is if you're going to be carrying it long distance with a heavy load and letting it swing, that's the worst enemy to boom pole, is the swinging weight. If you're just going to be picking things up, I'd probably use the lighter- weight one. If you're going to be doing a lot of driving with what you're picking up and the weight's going be swinging, then you may want to consider the heavy-duty unit even more. We try to balance our loads as close as we can to what we thinks' the center here. We're going to pick it up; we're just going to change the angle of it. It's a simple hookup; it's a standard 3-point hookup; you're 3- point hitch, top-link. You can change the angle of this a little, if you're going to be lifting things higher or something like that, you can shorten your top-link here. This is good for about 80% of what most people use a boom pole for; they don't need the heavier one. You can always get the heavier one if you need it. Give it a whirl, Peanut. Pick it up, and let's just kind of move this around. I got it pretty close to the center; that's good. Getting it balanced is important to make it safe, hooking things up. I'm just going to . . . that's good right there. We can hook it up to this good. I always try to wrap whatever I'm doing, at least 1 wrap to keep it from sliding or shifting one way or the other. All right. Raise her up and pull forward, Kevin. All right. That'll work. Back in my racing days, it seems like we had to change motors and transmissions almost every week. Just for those of you that do have to do that, they're very easy to use this to change motors, transmissions, out of a car. You're simply just going to be picking it up. It's a lot of weight, but especially when you leave the transmission together, but you can sure take one out easily, if you've got a tractor. Beats having to buy a hoist, a chain fall, or what's called a 'cherry picker'. This is cheap. It can be used for just so many things around the house or the farm that everybody ought to have one.

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