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EA Independent Wheel Lawn Aerator with Alternating Depth Tines

Lawn Aerator Core Plugger
Tractor 3 Point Alternating Depth Lawn Plugger | Core Aerator

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Lawn Aerator - Lawn Plugger - Core Aerator by Everything Attachments

The key to a beautiful lawn is aeration. Without proper aeration to prevent compaction, grass can't spread its roots into the soil. A core aerator will pull out cores of soil, and allow the ground to decompress to fill in the holes. The holes also allow grass seed and fertilizer to enter and penetrate into the soil and work properly. 16 tines are installed per wheel, the tines will alternate between 2.5" and 4" to allow maximum penetration for awesome aeration, and shallow holes for grass seeds. The Everything Attachments lawn aerators have a 2" main axle with greasable wheels and outside bearings to greatly reduce wear on the axle.


  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Now with non plated oil coated USA tines.
  • Premium A572 Grade 50 Laser Cut Steel Construction.
  • Quick Hitch Compatible
  • Independent heavy cast wheels for extreme weight.
  • 16 tines per wheel.
  • Alternating depth for great aeration and seeding.
  • Automotive quality paint.
  • Grease prior to use (1/4" x 28 fittings)
  • Everything Attachments Product Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

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Width No. of Wheels No. of Tines Weight
36" 6 96 667 lbs.
48" 8 128 877 lbs.
60" 10 160 1167 lbs.
Everything Attachments alternating depth lawn aerator core plugger in 36", 48", and 60" widths

Extended Information:
Video 1
Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments and we're here today with our new four and five foot plugger. It's the same as our 36-inch plugger but we've put the category I and category II step pin hitch on it and then we'll show you the redesigned back. We've kinda showed it on the little one but we wanna show it to you on the big one. This plugger weigh in about 1200 pounds and I should've weigh it before I put it on here. The proper weight, without any crating, will be put on the page for this once it's selling. But it's between 1100 and 1200 pounds and this is a 5-foot aerator.

So we went ahead and added category I and category II step pin. We've added the quick attach, where you can hook it up to any quick attach. Now on the 36-inch we've left the quick attach off of it because most of the time you're gonna run your Clevis hitch and narrower, like if you're on a B or BX Kubota or something on the littler tractors and wanna be able to get around well with the smaller tractor. But anything four or five foot should be able to pick this up with no problem with the quick hitch, without needing that extra rotation that we've put on the 36-inch. We've added the stand here on all of them so regardless if it's quick attach or not, it's gonna be much easier to hook up and you've got to have that with a quick attach.

So one of the most unique things we've done, come on around here, like the ride aerator...come on around. The ride aerator uses an axle which is an inch and a quarter and the axle is held firm all the time, the axle never rotates. So that means the wheels are doing all the rotating on the axle. So every wheel on this is independent, every wheel is greasable, and every time you're making a severe turn, they're gonna be rotating on the axle. Most of the time you're gonna be traveling straight, and when you're traveling straight on ours, the whole axle is gonna be rotating. So you've got a huge two inch pillar block bearing here, and they're not cheap, but it just makes it a long-term when you're paying this much for an aerator. And if you look at the other brands in this size, we're nearly half price and we think we're twice as good. So I think this still, at no matter what, becomes a bargain. We've even end-capped the end of the axle, so regardless if any of the locking rings or anything comes loose in that pillar block bearing, the axle still can't move. So we're protecting ourselves in a lot of different ways.

When you go with the inch and a quarter axle, and you make it do all the turning on the axle, then you're putting a lot more wear on the bushings that are in there. Now they're most...when I say "they're," most of all of the casted pieces that I've seen, they're actually hollow in the center and have two small bushings on the outside. So we've got wear room...every plate, this is 19 plates of three-sixteenths, and every plate is down on the axle. So you've got a much wider wearing area. So once you grease that and you grease your bearing, 90% of the time the bearing's gonna be doing all the work and then you still got more area, surface area, on a much larger axle.

When we plugged my father's yard, he said, "God those are such long plugs, that's great for aeration." But he said, "If the seed ever gets to the bottom of that hole, it's not gonna make it out of that four inch hole." And so I thought about it a little bit, and so what we did was, we alternated the depth of these. That giving you one big aeration time to go really deep and even if the seed makes it to the bottom, you've just lost a little bit. This spoon here is an inch and a half deeper, no matter what, the seed is gonna sprout and make it out of this hole. So yeah, it's twice as many holes, it's a lot more metal for me to burn, the cost has gone up. Right now we're getting ready to get discontinue the eight spoon per wheel plugger. We've had them both for sale now for a couple of months. And almost everyone is buying this, they're paying the extra money and getting the alternating depth spoon. And we think that's really what just simply works the best. I don't know of any other manufacturer that's done it yet. And the way their cast iron weights are made, and the way they bolt on the side, they can add 16 spoons per wheel, but they can't change the depth of them.

And with them just a little bit loose in the hole like that, they actually clatter a little bit when you're using them, but it makes the piece break off the end and not be so long in the yard, really works well. So we go through a lot of trouble to not buy a casted wheel in China or India, or wherever. This is 19 sheets of three-sixteenths laminated together and bolted with carriage bolts here to make it easy for us to assemble and then just add as many as we need to per the width that we're building.

So when you get to the full back picture here you can see there's a ton of bolts that it takes to put up all this together, lots of lamination going on, tons of spoons. And these are the best spoons we found, they're American made, we got a big company to make them for us, it's tempering them just right and so far we've had zero failures with them and everybody loves them. In fact we're selling a lot of them to go on other brands of pluggers, but it's a great design. This has got an extra strap here for support that goes to your three point hitch. It does have a grease fitting here because the axle will be rotating in that piece also.

So you can see that with all the spoons on here and for the width this is, I mean, it's a super value. When you look at the round plugger and you do a pricing against it. We're just simply a better value and a better piece, especially with the alternating piece, in my opinion. Now, the round plugger does cover the back of it with the shield. We chose not to do that, it kinda makes extra metal, extra weight back here where you don't really need it. And if you can't see what's under there, then you're more likely...I've seen people riding on these things. And if you see these sharp spoons, that's probably the last thing you wanna ride on. So we've covered it to almost all the way to the end of the spoons, but we're not gonna cover it to here because we just don't wanna give somebody the place to be able to ride on these things. And with the weight these have got, you don't need extra weight so we think we've got you covered all the way around.

So we hope you'll look at all of our equipment. We're trademark as Quality by Design here to Everything Attachments. I design it, we draw it in-house, we build it in-house, we ship it directly to you with no distributors, no sales reps, we just have our own in-house salesmen. We ship it directly to you. In most cases, the shipping's free, even if you're out of our shipping zone. Make sure you check with us, you'll be surprised the little bit of difference that makes to get it further. And on something like this, weighing 1200 pounds, it is a lot of weight, but we get really good shipping rates and I think you'll be surprised even if you're in California or Canada for what we can get it for you, get it shipped for you. Give us a call or an email at Everything Attachments and we'll make sure that you get the right size plugger for the size tractor that you've got.

Video 3
Hi, I am Keith from Everything Attachments. And we're here today with our version 2 of our alternating depth plugger. It has been such a success, and everybody really loves it. I've had a lot of people that don't do anything but lawns. And they really liked the alternating depth and the closeness that it does give you, along with a hole that the grass seed definitely is gonna make its way out of and a nice big deep hole for a aeration and how often they are to simply aerify the whole yard. So this basically from the front looks exactly like what we had, the laser cut pieces we put the kickstand on it. We've made these adjustable where can slide them in and out. Now, when you get it, they may be in the up position just for shipping. So make sure that you loosen your bolts, put them in the down position for your crevice hitches there. All that's laser indexed and cut, so you can't really get it off except left or right. You just have to loosen it just a little bit.

So we put a solid steel shield on it to keep people and so forth. Actually, I've seen people riding on these. And I hope I never see that again. There's no reason to ride on this. This one has more weight built into than any of them. And it's meant to be used just like it is without having to add weight. Now, what a lot of the companies do, like particular RYAN, which has always had a great aerator, and I used them through the years, they use a inch and a quarter axle. And it's solid-mounted over here. And their wheels spin just on the axle alone, okay? Ninety-nine percent of the time, all the wheels are going straight. We added a two-inch bearing over here and a two-inch shaft through this, instead of a smaller one, where the whole shaft can stay rotating. And these greased bearings do most of the work, and the center wheels don't have to.

So with this big two-inch bearing right here riding on a piece to two-inch [inaudible 00:02:39] shaft, you just get a ton more of surface area to wear on, because most of the time you're going to be using the bearings, which are meant to go a lot longer than just bushings and so forth. Instead, what we were doing was bolting 19 pieces of three sixteenth steel together. And our lasers were working just about all night cutting out wheels every night, especially when it was an aerator season. We started selling enough. You know, at some point, you have to start somewhere. We weren't big enough to order a whole container load or two of cast-iron wheels, because you have to find out where your market is for us. But we're now...we're making a lot of these. And these wheels are killing us at the factory.

These aren't Chinese-made wheels, at least. I can say that. My brother-in-law from North State Sales are where we get our tractor weights from. And he has them all casted in India. So we got him to look into this and get these casted in India for us instead of China. Now, the only reason we're not getting them made here in the U.S., it is not that the U.S. doesn't cast anything, but they don't cast stuff like dead weights and stuff like that. Simply, the regulation and the restrictions are too much in the U.S. to do that. The sad part is they're still getting done in the same earth that we all live in. There's somewhere else it that doesn't have to abide by the regulations. So if we were all playing on a fair playing field, then we would be able to do it also and compete. They may cost a little more. But maybe we'd save the earth.

But anyway, so these wheels actually weigh just a little more than what all the plates did that were burned. And they have a nice greased fitting on each one of them to grease the whole thing. And it does take a tube, tube and a half to get all these wheels and those two big two-inch bearings greased. We came up with these bearings working with a company that have really got them the way we want them out of a really hardened sheet of steel that they roll. And they're really tempered. That's why they've got that nice bell sound to them instead of a thud. So they're not quite as thick. And that's on purpose, because the metal is twice as good. And the thinner they are, the easier they punch into the ground. And they're really, really sharp on the end. So it just takes a lot less resistance to get them in the ground.

So every one of these is greased. The thinner bushing is greased that takes the weight while you're lifting it also. And then they're just spaced out. But with all of these on here, you've got 16 per wheel at alternating depths, and I've heard nothing but good things about them. We've never had any problems. We are actually gonna take about $200 off for the small one and about $300 off from the large one, simply because we've been able to save the money. We wanna pass it on to you and increase our volume and really get up in the market of this.

If you got any questions, give us a call or email at Everything Attachments. We'll make sure you get the right one for your tractor. And so the way they really work, this is a 36. And 36, these from tip to tip is actually only 30, just to make it clear, and because you've got to leave a six-inch gap or more on each side before you make your next path to keep even spacing. But what we were trying to do is keep the overall unit under 48 inches. So if you're doing lawns for other people, you can get through a 48-inch gate to get in the backyard. So just give us a call or an email, we'll be happy to help you.

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5 of 5 Excellent Product from a Great Team March 23, 2022
Reviewer: KALE from SHELBY, NC United States  
I've wanted a plugger for many years and this one is top notch at a reasonable price.  Travis and the team were extremely helpful.  I will gladly purchase from them again.

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5 of 5 60" aerator January 6, 2022
Reviewer: Ronald Faber from Easton, MO United States  
Received in good condition- will review when
weather permits- looks heavy duty

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5 of 5 Lawn aerator works well December 23, 2021
Reviewer: Dwayne Whitmore from Newton, NC United States  
The aerator works well.  The only issue I had was getting access to a couple of grease fittings.

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5 of 5 EA independent wheel lawn aerator December 9, 2021
Reviewer: Roger Hamel from Southwick, MA United States  
Well built machine. Works great

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5 of 5 Aerator November 15, 2021
Reviewer: Henry Stoyer from Lexington, NC United States  
These guys knock it out of the park from start to finish!
You get what you pay for and I'm constantly looking for the best. Everthing Attachments is the only place I buy my implements.

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