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United is the Manufacturer of High Quality, Well Built Box Blades.

United Box Blades are the box blade of choice here at Everything Attachments. They are simply better because they have all the right features. Features like a welded three point hitch which makes it stronger than a bolted hitch.  However it doesnít ship to us cheap because the top of the 3 point hitch canít be taken off or folded down, but this is the best way to construct a box blade if you are concerned about the end customer getting a well built attachment.  United manufacturers three different box blade models but we only sell the HD and Deluxe HD units since the regular model has a flat, weld on cutting edge and pins to hookup instead of the clevise type hitch with removable pins. 

United HD Box Blades

At Everything Attachments, we only sell the top two models with the clevis hitch for your lift arm instead of a single pin (which is much harder to hook up and is not as strong as the clevis hitch).  The HD model comes with hardened curved reversible cutting edges font and back. The difference between United and  a cheap box blade is that the cheap box blade will have a flat cutting edge that tends to  just ride over grass, so a curved cutting edge is important to do real work with your box blade.  United uses high quality forged ripper shanks (scarifiers) with replaceable points and has the three holes to adjust the height of the ripper shanks.

United makes Medium Duty Box Blades with weld on cutting edges and pin type hitch pins as well as the Excellent Quality Heavy Duty, HD models which have the Bolt on, Hardened Steel, Reversable, Replaceable, Cutting Edges with welded 3 post A frame and Clevis Type hitch with Pins Included and Replaceable Shank Scarifiers (Rippers). Also Available are the Deluxe Heavy Duty Models, DHD, like the Heavy Duty, but with Category II Clevis Type hitch and Pins and with thicker End Plates for even more strength for the Heavier, Higher Horsepower Large Compact and Full Size Tractors. We choose to stay with the HD and DHD models and believe these are the best value available and never have problems with them under HD use. Get your United Box Blade from Everything Attachments and have Big Quality at a Small price!


One of the most popular questions asked here at Everything Attachments is, "Do I need a scrape blade or box blade?" In most cases, the Box Blade is going to be our answer. To actually be able to move material (dirt, gravel, debris) from one location to another, the box blade has small rippers that come with replaceable tips to loosen the soil before the cutting edge passes across it.

If you have a long driveway, and are looking to cut out the hump in the middle, the box blade is what you are looking for! The Box Blade does the job by cutting the high spot out, while spreading the fill onto the low spots within the box area. The Box part of the Box Blade keeps the fill from spilling out of the sides of the blade into unwanted areas while you are scraping.

All of the United Box Blades have a curved, hardened, cutting edge which allows you to do most of the cutting. If you have made the mistake of buying a box blade with a straight edge instead of a curved edge, you have found out that if you make a pass over grass, it simply passes over it. In order to keep our customers happy, we only sell box blades with hardened curved edges simply because of performance.

These box blades mount easily to your tractors 3 point hitch, work great on tractors from the 15 to 60 hp range, and are easily shipped on a pallet. Most of the box blades you see here weight between 350 - 600 lbs. and shipping to a terminal, or business with a loading dock or forklift is recommended.

Home delivery is available, but remember that there is an $80 charge for home delivery and you will need a way to get the box blade off the back of the truck. A tractor with loader works well for this scenerio.

We keep all replaceable points, tips and edges in stock and ready to ship via UPS. The United Box Blades are the best box blades around for the money, and we have seen and sold most of the others at some point in time. We decided to sell United for the simple reason that they make our customers happy when they use them!

Order your Box Blade online from Everything Attachments!