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W.R. Long Bucket Custom Built 4445 Bucket
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Need a four pin loader bucket? You have come to the right place. For older tractors that were not available with a universal quick attach, or a tractor dealer didn't steer you in the right direction with a universal quick attach, we have drawings for over 750 different tractor loader models, made from the 1950's to current. If we don't have the drawing, you can fill out a simple sheet with four dimensions and we can build any loader bucket you need.

Standard Bucket has 1/4" end plates, 10 GA wrapper, 1/2" x 4" cutting edge and regular pipe across the top
Heavy Duty Bucket has 5/16" ends, 3/16" wrapper, 5/8" x 6" cutting edge and Heavy pipe across the top

Bucket Heap Capacity
Bucket Width 48" 60" 72" 84" 96"
Capacity (Cubic Yards)
Capacity (Cubic Feet)

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Please be sure to include all information about your tractor to ensure proper fit of bucket

Custom bucket for any pin out tractor loader, also available with John Deere connection or Universal Quick Attach. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

W.R. Long 4445 Bucket
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
STBK-4445-60 W. R. Long 4445 60 bucket
STBK-4445-72 W. R. Long 4445 72 bucket
STBK-4445-72-HD W. R. Long 4445 72 bucket Heavy Duty
STBK-4445-84 W. R. Long 4445 84 bucket
STBK-4445-96 W. R. Long 4445 96 bucket
STBK-4445-96-HD W. R. Long 4445 96 bucket Heavy Duty
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Extended Information:

Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're here today with WR Long custom built buckets. They make about a dozen different shapes of buckets. And through the years, depending on what you're using it for and the amount of volume that you want to hold, on our website, we have all the different shapes and drawings it'll give you. The bottom lip, the total height, and a general idea of the shape, whether it's square, rounded or whatever. This is one of the larger buckets. This is a number 4445 bucket. They all have multiple numbers like that, and you buy them for a foot of width.

This particular one here, is going on a Caterpillar Telehandler. A lot of people use them for brick loads, and so forth. This is basically a four-
wheel drive unit with a long telescopic boom on it, has over a 6,000 pound lifting capacity. Basically, the buckets are all going to be the same, and this particular manufacturer, WR Long, has over 750 different drawings to be able to put different amounts on the back of these buckets. Most of them are old, agriculture style mounts for all the different loaders that were built through the years.

What's become now the most popular, would be a universal skid steer attachment. But on the Cat Telehandler it's got so much lifting capacity, it exceeds what would normally be used as a standard, universal hitch, and this has the cat IT hitch on the back of it. So we're going to spin it around to the back. Just keep in mind that all these universal buckets can be made for almost any type of mount, in any width that you want and all kinds of volumes from very low to very high, just depending on what you're doing. Spin it on around, Peanut.

So regardless . . . that's good right there . . . regardless of the mount that you put on the back of these buckets, it may or may not have all of this gusseting depending . . . this is a 96-inch wide, so it may not have all of this gusseting which is on this to withstand this large lift capacity of this Caterpillar. This is burned out of all one inch steel. Even has an additional half-inch strap top and bottom for support and it's supported throughout the bucket. So just depending what it's going on, the back of the bucket may look a little different in some situations, but just about the best thing about this company is they can build just about anything for any loader, so this is a great product.

We'll help you size and make sure that the mounts are available for what you have. Give us a call or email. We'll be happy to help you at Everything Attachments.

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