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3 point Gooseneck Hitch . . .
Question: I have a 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee tractor with good hydraulic 3 pt hitch. Want to move around gooseneck trailor with a 32ft houseboat on it, with the tractor. Trailer has tandem axles and i
4 in 1 Tractor Loader Bucket for Kubota B3030
Question: I am interseted in purchasing the 4 in one bucket for my tractor , Kubota B3030, however the hydraulic valve has taps, but not an auxilary valve. I see on the description you advertise a Ca
Auger Drive for Tractor Frontend Loader?
Question: I have a kubota l48 tractor with a skid steer quick attach for my bucket. Can I connect your augers to this front end of my tractor and quick disconect it. I am a contractor and need to be
Backhoe Bucket for John Deere 48 backhoe?
Question: I have a John Deere 4310 with a John Deere 48 backhoe. Can any of these Bradco backhoe buckets fit a JD 48 backhoe? I'm looking for a small bucket for trenches like 9in to 12in. Prefer 9in.
Bad Boy Lightning Z Hitch?
Question: Will the hitch attachment fit the lightening series or only the pup series?   Answer: The Lightning Z has a specific hitch, it is $55.00 delivered via UPS.
Bad Boy Mulching Kit
Question: I have a 52" Bad Boy Pup and am looking to add a mulch kit. What all comes with their mulch kit? Is it just blades and a block off plate?   I was thinking about just ordering a a
Bar lug tire for the Badboy mowers?
Question: Do you guys carry a bar lug tire for the Badboy mowers?   Answer: Yes, they are $89.95 each plus shipping.  If delivered out of state, no NC tax… 
Bradco Pow R Cutter?
Question: I have a 6' pow r cutter Brush Mower and it didn't come with the wheel or caster out in front of the mower. Is this something you could get me a price on and availability. Thanks  
Case 1835C skid loader univeral hitch?
Question: I have a 1994 Case 1835C skid loader, and I recently tried to rent a Bobcat brand attachment, but my quick attach wouldn't line up with the Bobcat brand attachment. My question is will my C
CAT 430 Forks?
Question: I have a CAT 430 backhoe with a quick atach bucket set up on the front. Do you make forks that will fit that machine? If so how much are they?     Answer: We have the Construct
Digging Footer Corners w/ Kubota L245DT
Question: Need to determine the right PHD (post hole digger) for my tractor and application. I have a Kubota L245DT tractor with a cat 1 - 3 point hitch. The hitch takes a 26" wide draw bar. I would
Fertilizer Spreader XA300 question
Question: Does the xa300 spreader come with a pto shaft. Is it still free shipping on this purchase. Is there a sales tax on this spreader. Can you adjust the flow rate on it How long would it take t
Finishing Mower for Massey Ferguson 135?
Question: Hi; I am considering buying a finish mower and am thinking the 84" ,would be the best for the large yard I have.....was wondering if my massey 135 3 cyl gas tractor would be able to handle
Hay Rake for Apple Orchard?
Question: I have an apple orchard with the trees 8' apart. I want to be able to mow the grass in between the rows. Of course that means I need a rake no wider than 4'. Do you have a suggestion for me
High Capacity Bucket for Kubota R420 . . .
Question: I am looking for a 1 yard bucket for a Kubota R420, I can use either the bobcat hook up (two locking levers with pins going down) or the single lever with the two pins on the side. Thank yo
Hinemoto Key?
Question: i have a hinemoto best e 15 tractor.i was wondering if you might have an ignition key to fit my tractor. thanks    Answer: We do not have access to Hinemoto or their parts. Try
Is a farm a business for shipping purposes? . . .
Customer Question: Does a farm qualify as a business for shipping? I am easy to find and can unload. If not where would it be shipped to?   Answer: NO, sorry, they have a farm as a r
JD35D Excavator with Bradco Trencher . . .
Customer Question: JD35D Excavator with Bradco 615 Trencher  ?   Answer: I can supply the Bradco model 615 trencher with special custom made mount for the JD35D Excavator w
JD460 front end loader Bucket
Question: I am looking for a bucket that will fit a John Deere JD460 front end loader. I want a high volume bucket no wider than 5' that has a capacity of approx 1/2 cu.yd.   Answer: Our C
KK Mower 6ft Lift issue
Question: When installed properly on the tractor, how high should the King Kutter 6 ft. Rotary Cutter be able to lift off the ground? I attached to tractor, but in the full up posit