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4 in 1 Tractor Loader Bucket for Kubota B3030
Question: I am interseted in purchasing the 4 in one bucket for my tractor , Kubota B3030, however the hydraulic valve has taps, but not an auxilary valve. I see on the description you advertise a Ca
CAT 430 Forks?
Question: I have a CAT 430 backhoe with a quick atach bucket set up on the front. Do you make forks that will fit that machine? If so how much are they?     Answer: We have the Construct
Fertilizer Spreader XA300 question
Question: Does the xa300 spreader come with a pto shaft. Is it still free shipping on this purchase. Is there a sales tax on this spreader. Can you adjust the flow rate on it How long would it take t
Finishing Mower for Massey Ferguson 135?
Question: Hi; I am considering buying a finish mower and am thinking the 84" ,would be the best for the large yard I have.....was wondering if my massey 135 3 cyl gas tractor would be able to handle
Hay Rake for Apple Orchard?
Question: I have an apple orchard with the trees 8' apart. I want to be able to mow the grass in between the rows. Of course that means I need a rake no wider than 4'. Do you have a suggestion for me
High Capacity Bucket for Kubota R420 . . .
Question: I am looking for a 1 yard bucket for a Kubota R420, I can use either the bobcat hook up (two locking levers with pins going down) or the single lever with the two pins on the side. Thank yo
Hinemoto Key?
Question: i have a hinemoto best e 15 tractor.i was wondering if you might have an ignition key to fit my tractor. thanks    Answer: We do not have access to Hinemoto or their parts. Try
JD460 front end loader Bucket
Question: I am looking for a bucket that will fit a John Deere JD460 front end loader. I want a high volume bucket no wider than 5' that has a capacity of approx 1/2 cu.yd.   Answer: Our C
Kubota B7800 . . . Which Post Hole Digger?
Customer Question: I just want confirm that a 7300 Post hole digger will fit a Kubota b7800   Answer: The 7200 Junior is actually the correct post hole digger model for your Kubota B
New Holland TC30 Root Grapple?
Question: I have a NH TC30 with a front end loader. How do you adapt the root grapple to a standard front end loader in order to operate the cylinders for grapple bucket?   Answer: You wou
Post Hole Digger for Kubota L3940 tractor?
Customer Question: I have a 2007 Kubota L3940 tractor. Which post hole digger do I need...the L7200JR or the L7200. Also, will my tractor turn the 12" auger? I will need a tiller also..Which is be
Replacement Bucket for Bradco Backhoe?
Question: I need a 10" or 12" bucket for a Bradco model 9MD2 backhoe. Our current 18" bucket has two pins, center to center is 7 3/4". Thanks.       Answer: The Bradco 9MD2
Rock Bucket for 4050 John Deere Loader?
Question: i have a 4050 jd tractor with an 860 front loader by great bend with a great bend quick draw latch attach we are clearing land and need to pick rock what rock bucket do i need for my tracto
Tiller for John Deere 23 hp Tractor?
Question: Hello. i am looking for a pull behind tiller that would would on a 23 hp johndeere. Got any ideas?   Answer: The Phoenix T5-44, 44 Rotary Tiller will work fine on your machine.
Which Attachment for Refinishing Driveway?
Question: I'm looking for a product to refinish my gravel driveway. Would your box blade work for this or is there a special attachment that I am not finding on your web site?     
Which Auger for Kubota 7500?
Question: I have a Kubota 7500 compact Tractor. Will the PTO and length of the auger 9" be to big with the series LB - 73000 post hole digger? I have been told I need a smaller/short auger for this s