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Tractor Post Drivers - 3 Point Hitch

When you have to choose a manufacturer, it is nice to go with the original patent holder, and not an imitation. That having been said, we have chosen Shaver Post Drivers to offer you for your next fence building need. Made to perform here in the USA, Shaver post drivers have only 6 moving parts, and are made to last. All models feature either manual or hydraulic 15 degree tilt left to right, and front to back. There are several models to choose from depending on your application . . . look for them to deliver from 31,500 lbs up to 100,000 lbs of post driving power!

Shaver Post Drivers

Look to Shaver to deliver the most innovations in their Post Driver line up. Three distinct sizes let you choose the right post driver for your next fencing project. The HD-8 Post Driver is good for posts up to 7 1/8th inches wide and delivers 31,500 lbs. of post driving power, and is a great fit for category 1 tractor 3 point hitches.
The Shaver HD-10 post driver is the next size up. It fits Category 2 or 3 hitches, and delivers 71,500 lbs. of power at full stroke and is offered with optional Hydraulic Powered Tilt as well as with an optional 4 inch pilot auger for very difficult soil conditions.
The Shaver HD-12 is their largest driver, and pack a 100,000 lbs. punch. This model is offered only with hydraulic tilt, and has the Pilot Auger as an option.
Look to Everything Attachments when it is fencing time to purchase your Shaver Post Drivers.