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EA 48" Compact Tractor Angle Iron Disc Harrow
XTreme Duty 48" width Compact Tractor Angle Iron Disc Harrow
Compact Tractor Angle Iron Disc Harrow

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Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow

Our Compact Tractor Angle Iron Disc Harrow is one of the best on the market, and built in our own Factory here in Newton, NC. The frame is built using our own formed angle iron, features roller bearings instead of friction bearings, and has gussets to strengthen bends in the angle iron and makes this a disc harrow that is designed to last a lifetime.

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Also available 48" disc harrow in Kubota Orange

American Made Attachment
Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 48" width, Compact Tractor Angle Iron Disc Harrow with 16 or 18 inch discs. 21 degree angle on front and rear gangs.

Model Cutting Width (in.) No. of Blades Blade Diameter Weight
XDCMP-12-16-N-DISC 48" 12 16" 320 lbs.
XDCMP-12-18-N-DISC 48" 12 18" 342 lbs.

Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow
How To Disc Your Garden With A Kubota Tractor
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
ETA-XDCMP-12-16-N-DISC Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow with 12 16 Notched Discs
ETA-XDCMP-12-18-N-DISC Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow with 12 18 Notched Discs
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Video Transcription:

Hi. I'm Ted from Everything Attachments and we're here today with our own disc harrows built in-house. Even though it may look pretty similar to an angle iron disc, which it is, it's made a lot different than any of the angle iron discs I've seen before. Our trademark is quality by design and we have put a lot of design into this.

I've tried to think of everything I could to keep it light for the little tractors, like the BX Kubota's and the subcompacts all the way up to the 30 horsepower B series or the small tractors that have a lot of horsepower. To start with, the angle iron that we used is not actually bolt angle iron. Everything is cut with every end piece to where it fits perfectly into these channels and it's cut on our Whitney. It looks like a regular disc to start with, but it just has so many things in it that I'm going to go over the features one by one with you.

Most of the angle iron and everything is a quarter inch in thickness. The front hitch and the angle pieces that go up to your top link are 5/16. The rear bar going back to the back is 5/16. There may be one out there, but I've never seen a subcompact disc or a disc with as little as 12 blades on it that has the actually roller bearings which most people use in their higher quality tube framed disc.

Every disc harrow we make, we're making four different models which make up over a thousand different combinations depending on the blades - round, smooth, notched, how many are on it. There's a ton of combinations with every disc harrow that we make, but we are putting the roller bearings on every one of them instead of the friction bearings.

Friction bearings are basically cast iron pieces that have several notches on it with two pieces that clamp over it. There's no bearing about it. It's simply just grease in there and metal turning against metal. It's a lot better than nothing, but the greased true roller bearings are the best. We even use those on our small disc harrows.

To start with, the angle iron that angles this way is in there for a reason. The hanger that we put underneath here... I'll show you that in a minute. The way we made it, instead of just a flat piece of metal which just about everybody uses, this is a formed piece of metal in our press break. It's all cut out perfectly with a CNC machine and then we form the sides of it to make it really strong, because every time you crease a piece of metal, it makes it stronger.

Just like this, if it was flat, it wouldn't be near as strong as if it were bent there. We've made some special bearing hangers that make this up. We've put this behind our 45-horsepower bobcat which has weighted tires, a full loader on it, went to the field, got it deep in the dirt, turned left and right with it in every direction, and we couldn't tear it up. We think it's good for everything that it was sized for correctly.

What's really unique is this angle is this way and this angle iron is this way, which I've never seen one that way. The reason is so the hanger underneath, where the angle of these hangers are - this is the flat piece and then these are the two inside pieces - the way it works is, because we turn the angle opposite directions - and that creates a lot of designing problems, but we worked it all out - you see the angle irons are going in opposite directions which I've never seen before.

It makes everything twice as strong when you put these types of bearing hangers on here. You can see that the bearing hanger has a formed piece on each side over an inch thick, giving you extra strength with the nice roller bearings, all the cast iron assemblies. This is a disc harrow that is meant to last for a long, long time.

One bearing holder keeps it rigid one way. The other bearing holder keeps it rigid the other way, making the whole assembly fully rigid in both directions. I've never seen that, but it's what really needed to be done to make it what I think is the best. Having the true roller bearing for a small disc trying to keep the weight down for a subcompact, I think we've really hit on something.

You can get a 16- or 18-inch disc on this model. It's 12 of them, where we do our bends back here. They have welded gussets under the seams here on both sides and then we form this piece of quarter to put across the whole top. This piece is cut out to fit the quarter so you get good pull from both sides. You've got your main brace going up to give your strength for your top link. You can see right here from the back what I mean by the formed pieces, because you see the thickness there - it's not just a flat piece of metal.

We've put a lot of thought into this. I've worked on this thing for three days in the design, changing it, moving things around. Then we built one with the angles on both sides, decided how much stronger we could make it if we put the angles in opposite directions, scrapped the first couple of prototypes, and just basically started over until we got it the way I wanted it. This is the way I want it. I think it's the way you'll want it. I think it's the best disc harrow on the market for this size of tractors. It's priced reasonable, freight to your door if you're within a thousand miles of us. We put a good automotive paint finish on it and it comes completely assembled.

Now this is one model that you will have to put in the two pins. I've seen every kind of combination. The cheap way of doing the axles is simply to use a piece of square bar, weld a plate on the end of it, and that's the way most of them are made. We are using a forged axle which is the strongest with a cast iron end plate on it. Every bit of this costs more money, but we're able to sell it to you at the same price we are the discs that we're selling currently by other manufacturers simply because we're making it in-house.

With Everything Attachments, with all the engineering that we've put into this, quality by design means so much to us that we just want to stay on top of the leading edge of what even the big manufacturers. You know the names. We want to be better than them. We want to be more price-conscious than them. We want to get it directly from the manufacturing plant, which is us, to you, the customer, where you get the best product for the best price. If you've got any questions about sizing this for your tractor, give us a call or an email and we'll be happy to help.

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48" disc Harrow May 15, 2017
Reviewer: Harry Nelson from Greeneville, TN United States  
Worked well with the Kubota BX 2230, hopefully for many years

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Reviewer: Mark Stace from Lodi, WI United States  

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Great implement. September 12, 2016
Reviewer: Paul Callahan from Duncan, SC United States  
Thanks for the great tool. I have used it twice now and it works great!

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Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow October 16, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Jefferson, NC United States  
Excellent Quality, well made. Perfect size for my BX Kubota. Works Great !

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Angle Iron Disc Harrow July 29, 2015
Reviewer: Don Pitts from Cordele, GA United States  
The harrow did exactly what it was suppose to do and thanks Rick for your recommendation because it was the perfect size for my JD 1026R

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