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EA Wicked Root Grapple for Utility Tractors and Skid Steers

Mega Utility Tractor Wicked Root Grapple For Large Utility Tractors and Skid Steer loaders
73 Inch Model Shown

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Everything Attachments Root Grapple For Utility Tractors & Skid Steers

The Incredibly Strong Wicked Utility Grapple for utility tractors is designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your loader without sacrificing strength and durability!

Bolt-in, removable front plates greatly increases the shearing and gripping ability of our MEANEST Wicked Grapple yet!


  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • 73 or 84 inch working width.
  • Weighs 935 or 985 lbs.
  • Laser cut for precision.
  • Impressive 42.5" wide opening.
  • 1/2" A572 Grade 50 Steel Construction.
  • 4" x 4" tubing and 3" OD pipe cross members.
  • 2.5" bore x 10" long stroke hydraulic cylinders.
  • Greasable cylinder pins & lid hinges.
  • Lids are 19" wide with 12.5" spacing in between lids.
  • Tines are spaced 9.5" to 10" apart.
  • Serrated Wicked End Tines for easily ripping roots.
  • Serrated, bolt-in plates are great for shearing and gripping.
  • 38" Overall Height including the Spring Hose Saver.
  • 42" Overall Front to Back Length.
  • Several options for hydraulic couplers
  • 1/2" ag style couplers are standard. Flat Face available for $85 more.
  • Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach is standard.
  • John Deere 500 series or H240, H260 & H310, and Euro Global Quick Attach available for $125 Build Fee
  • Everything Attachments Product Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
  • Grease prior to use.
If you need a 3rd function kit for your tractor, check out the custom kit we offer for many tractors here: WR Long 3rd Function Kit

Grapple Width Cylinder Size Grapple Opening Weight (lbs.)
73" 2.5"x10" 42.5" 935
84" 2.5"x10" 42.5" 985

360 Degree View Click Here for 360 Degree View of the Wicked Root Grapple for Compact Tractors 55 HP!

American Made Attachment

*We include 70" hydraulic hoses to reach the side of the loader arms. If your hydraulic outlets are mounted in a different location simply specify needed length in the comments section of your order, or contact us to order.

Ideal for Utility Tractors and Skid Steer Loaders Up To 125 HP
The Wicked Root Grapple by Everything Attachments is HUNGRY. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Kubota 141HP Grapple Punishment!!
Item# Item Name Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
ETA-WRG-LUT-73 73" Root Grapple For Large Utility Tractor Up To 125 HP
$ 4,550.00
ETA-WRG-LUT-84 84" Root Grapple For Large Utility Tractor Up To 125 HP
$ 4,850.00
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Extended Information:
Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're today with a new Wicked Grapple. This is the largest one that we built so far to go in the larger tractors from about 60 horsepower in the heavy utility tractors, all the way to about 125 horsepower 2 or 4-wheel drive. And this has been really made for a tractor, not a skid steer. There're some things that could come into play on a skid steer that we don't wanna guarantee that it'll work because my brother specializes in skid steer attachments and construction attachments, and one of the things I know that on a Bobcat that I've used from him, he lacks just barely clearing his cylinder mouths and so forth with a cabbed unit.

So we know we've raised these, and so for a Bobcat and some other ones they may not fit, so we're making sure that we say that they're only for tractors, and if you wanna try 'em on a skid steer that's not on me. But we've added a lot of things to this grapple. We've added this to all of our grapples but this is the first one we've shown with the new grading in here behind it to keep large limbs and stuff from going into the grill of your tractor and messing with your hoses. We didn't wanna make it any finer than this because it's gonna clog up, it's gonna be harder to see through, so we figured that's a good medium for you to still be able to see through and give you some protection. It does have the full plates behind it here, this is a standard skid steer style, quick attach that is now normally on a tractor. A lot of the larger tractors are going to Euro hitches, so we do have the Euro Global and the John Deere Euro Global hitch that also would work on this grapple.

We've taken 2 half-inch pieces of grade 50 steel, laminated 'em together to 1 inch to give you a good, solid post here with gussets for your pushing power down on these grapples. Because with the...we've increased the stroke to 10 inches and got the geometry right, where you're really gonna have a lot of crimping power on this grapple. We've put our standard hose saver kit with the swivel fittings on it, so you don't have to use longer hoses than you need to. If your tractor has the lines up on the side of the grapple like some Kubotas do, then you're gonna need longer lines than [SP] to the center of the torque tube. So you need to let our salesmen know that if you're not at the center of the torque tube of your tractor. These are standard half-inch agricultural fit fittings, that's what it'll come with, unless you tell us something different. And I'm gonna hook these together just so when I get around to the other side I can lift the lids.

Just about everything on this grapple is grade 50 half-inch thick, except for these little tines on the back. As you can see, we've left a really wide opening here, the outer tine is solid, all of the other tines do have the holes in 'em. Even though it's going on a large tractor, tractors don't have a huge amount of lift in comparison to some things. Even on 125 tractor, some of the lifts are between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, which if you put a 2,000 pound grapple on it, it's just not gonna leave a lot left. We've been able to make this grapple really heavy-duty but got the weight down to the 900 pound range. We've also got it where we have 40...over 42 inches of opening height to be able to get the really large stuff in. Since we cut with lasers instead of plasma at Everything Attachments, we've put these grippers here where you can pull on logs, limbs, things like that. We've also... And we'll show you a picture of this in the video, these plates that actually bolt down onto the center gussets are razor sharp and when wedged into saplings and small brush and stuff like that, it's gonna give you the ability to pull 'em out of the ground easier. Those plates are removable if you don't wanna use 'em or just want a wider opening.

With this 10 inch stroke and the geometry raised in the back, this is gonna give you a ton of gripping force and clamping force. And we've got these formed [SP] gussets on the lid here where the metal's really high. We've added extra metal to keep 'em from twisting. These formed gussets here just make these lids really, really strong. So at Everything Attachments, if you'll just give a call or an email, we'll be happy to make sure that you get the right grapple for your tractor and your application.

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5 of 5 EA Grapple January 7, 2021
Reviewer: Tom D from STILLWATER, OK United States  
Ordered EA Wicked Root Grapple for Large Compact and Utility Tractors for my 75hp skid steer and it it a great tool!  This is used commercially and is definitely made to last!  Keep up the good work EA!!!

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5 of 5 Spend the Money on the Front End... March 15, 2020
Reviewer: M. Patrick Dodd from Pendleton, SC United States  
This grapple replaced my 72in LandPride SGR1572.  I thought I was buying quality with LP, but then I discovered Everything Attachments.  After a few years and repairs I could tell the LP was going to need to be retired.  I did a lot of research and determined that Everything Attachments manufactures the best grapple on the market.  This grapple is designed with the end user in mind; no corners cut in materials or workmanship.  If a grapple could change your life then this is THE game changer.  I have been able to to get more work out of a grapple than I ever have in the past.  I have the added piece of mind that it is not going to bust apart if I use it to push, rip, and pull on occasion,  thanks to the “Ted Tested” videos.  I had some issues shortly after I purchased the grapple with a few of the crimps on the hydraulic hoses leaking.  I contacted customer service and they sent me out some replacement hoses free of charge.   A Great Grapple, backed by a Great Customer Service team.

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5 of 5 Heavy Duty January 27, 2018
Reviewer: Eddie Ware from Conehatta, MS United States  
Root Grapple was very heavy duty and should last me years to come. only thing I wish it came with was hose protectors which I has since installed to keep the hoses from getting messed up.

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