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EA Severe XTreme Box Blade Category I & II V2.0
Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Box Blade Box Scraper Grader Box

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Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade For Tractors with 50-75 HP V2.0

The Everything Attachments Severe XTreme heavy duty box blade is built to last for years to come. The body of the box blade is constructed from 3/8" thick steel and the hitch is welded(not bolted) for maximum strength. The laser cut, 1/4" steel curved back on the box blade forces the dirt to roll over and helps fill up the cavity for better performance. The Quality front and back reversible cutting edges are made in America. For MAX wear resistance, extra plates of steel are welded to the leading edge of ALL EA box blades.

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Category I & II quick hitch compatible.
  • Premium A572 Grade 50 Laser Cut Steel Construction.
  • 3/8" thick solid welded hitch.
  • 17" side plates of 1/2" thick steel with extra plates of steel welded to the leading edges for wear resistance.
  • Side plates are 28" long on the bottom and 29" long on the top.
  • 1/4" thick curved back.
  • Manufactured in Newton, NC.
  • 4 holes high quality ripper shanks for adjustments.
  • Ripper shanks are mounted behind the front tube instead of through it for maximum durability.
  • Front and back American made, reversible and replaceable, curved cutting edges for pushing or pulling.
  • Everything Attachments Product Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
Size Weight Shanks
72 660 lbs.
78 700 lbs.
84 720 lbs. 8
96 860 lbs.

American Made Attachment

Everything Attachments Severe XTreme Heavy Duty Box Blade Made In America! Fits category I & II tractors from 50 to 75 horsepower. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Category I&II Box Blade Version 2.0
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
ETA-CATI-II-XDBBV2-72 V2.0 72" Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade
ETA-CATI-II-XDBBV2-78 V2.0 78" Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade
ETA-CATI-II-XDBBV2-84 V2.0 84" Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade
ETA-CATI-II-XDBBV2-96 V2.0 96" Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade
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Video Transcription:
Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments. We're here today with our Version 2.0 of what's been a very popular box blade, what we call our Category Iⅈ. And from here forward, all the geometry has stayed the same. We'll show you what we've changed on the back. And the only differences on the front is they will come standard. All the Version 2.0's will come standard with the American made, super tough ripper shank, giving you a little more durability there. And they are four holes, just like what we were using of the India shank. Which was the best shank we could find until we found these shanks, and we have to custom order them. They don't keep them on the shelf. We order 400 at a time to get our orders in, and we just have to put in a custom order to get them made.

Turn us around to the back, Nate, where the new stuff is.

So what we did, we turned this box blade into a box blade that could be a floating tailgate, if that's the way you order it. So in that case, we didn't want to make two sets of everything, and trying to keep common parts is a big thing we try to do. So what we did was, this half-inch side plate is about three inches longer than what was on the first version of our Category Iⅈ box blade. So to be able to put the floating tailgate, we needed this extra length here. So when we make it a fixed edge, you just gain a lot more push back ability, the ability to pile it up here. What a lot of people like is a big deep pocket where they can get more debris, and get it all pushing at the same time. We stayed with the American made vault cutting edges. So, when you're ordering a fixed edge, you're basically getting a new version of what was our Category Iⅈ box blade with the American shanks, and you're getting a little extra room in the back.

Now this does also come in a floating tailgate, which is listed, which uses a piece right here that welds and lets this whole tailgate float and go down to about the same position as the blade is now. So this is our new Category Iⅈ, Version 2.0, and you can see it's still welded through and everything, front and back. Category Iⅈ, it is quick attach acceptable, and all the good features that were in the original blade are still here, plus some extras.

If you need any help sizing this for your tractor, or getting the weight right...of course, the weight went up just a little bit between the side edges getting bigger. But we'll be happy to help you with any questions you've got at Everything Attachments.

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Awesome !!!! October 25, 2018
Reviewer: Jorge Gonzalez from Guayama, Puerto Rico, United States  
I have been using this Box Blade on a 1.5 kilometer long train track on my property that has been abandoned for 50 years and the results are amazing. With the ripper shanks in the low position I have been able to remove the wooden track beams on the first pass with barely a scratch. With 5 or 6 more passes with the shanks up, the railroad track is now a smooth road for vehicular use.

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68" severe duty box blade on Ford 4000SU October 17, 2018
Reviewer: James Russell from Sharps Chapel, TN United States  
Looked for a heavy box blade for my Ford 4000 SU tractor for quite a while.  EA had the best quality heavy box for the money.  Fit and finish are above average and what I would consider quality in this price range.  Two of the bolts that hold the cutting edge on where not tightened from the factory, but all fasteners should be checked on any piece of equipment you purchase.  Took a long time to ship out but I was told this upon ordering and it did ship a few weeks sooner than I was told.  I am very satisfied and will look to EA in the future for my implement needs.  Great company.  Buy USA when you can!

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Reviewer: Gene K. from Broadway, NC United States  
I am a retired manufacturing engineer with a heavy machining background and have investigated the “POPULAR” box blades and land levelers.  When I saw Ted’s videos, I said this is a man after my own heart.  His “...if I can’t break it nobody can” approach is how I designed my equipment.  My brother and I purchased the 6’ EA Severe XTreme Box Blade Category I & II V2.0 and Xtreme Tractor Land Leveler V2.0 – Land Plane With Scarifer Shanks after watching His videos.  The only time we actually saw the equipment was when we drove out to Newton and picked them up.  Impressive equipment.  MORE than ever expected.  I don’t think a M1 Abrams could wreck them.  The units worked beyond expectations.  We repaired our BADLY eroded ¾ mile long access road with ease.  Now we have the equipment to maintain the road.  (Neither of us damaged the equipment.)  I would strongly recommend these units to anyone.  Great job Ted in coming up with tools that actually work and will last!

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Heavy Duty July 23, 2018
Reviewer: Kyle from Mt Morris, NY United States  
Put on my ford 5000.  I ripped up a lot of boulders, roots, you name it.  I did manage to snap a shank in half but given the abuse I was putting this thing through I am not complaining. Great buy!

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Great Tool! June 8, 2018
Reviewer: Pat Wentworth from Fredonia, TX United States  
Yes, it took longer than 4-6 weeks but it was well worth the wait. Yes, it came a little scratched up but so what? It's a box blade! It's going to get some rough use. This thing is built like a tank. Ted's design skills can be seen all through this piece of equipment.
I'm pulling the 84-inch box blade with a 70 hp Kubota and it does a fantastic job.

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