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EA XTreme Duty Box Blade For Tractors with 30-70 HP
Box scrape for utility tractors with 30 to 70 HP

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Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Box Blade For Utility Tractors With 30-70 HP

Everything Attachments offers this one of a kind box blade built to last longer than your tractor. All of our attachment knowledge goes into each and every one of our designs. All of our box blades are designed and manufactured here in Newton, NC. For MAX wear resistance, extra plates of steel are welded on the leading edge of ALL EA box blades. This is the highest quality and value for your hard earned dollar!.

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Category I quick hitch compatible.
  • Premium A572 Grade 50 Laser Cut Steel Construction.
  • Laser cut shank holes.
  • 1/4" steel moldboards and side plates.
  • 3/8" steel hitch and scarifier attachment.
  • 17" tall side plates feature extra plates welded to the leading edges for wear resistance.
  • 24" deep(front to back) side plates.
  • 1/2" thick steel on heavy wear areas.
  • 4-hole high quality adjustable scarifier shanks.
  • Ripper shank attachment points are stronger than the competition. Compare it!
  • Horseshoe shaped plates welded under the 4" x 4" x 1/4" tube behind the bottom of the ripper shanks strengthen the tube and prevent piercing.
  • American Made, reversible and replaceable, curved cutting edges.
  • Extra bracing for added strength.
  • Tines can be inserted upside down for storage. The middle tine can be placed horizontally for storage when not needed.
  • For compact and utility tractors between 30-70 HP.
  • Category I Clevis type hitch. You can use it on a category 2 hitch with bushings.
  • Everything Attachments Product Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Width No. of Shanks Weight
60" 5 455 lbs.
66" 6 490 lbs.
72" 6 515 lbs.
78" 8 545 lbs.
84" 8 570 lbs.

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American Made Attachment

*Ask us about the NEW Patent Pending, easy adjustable WICKED Ripper Shanks!

Everything Attachments XTreme duty Utility Tractor box blade for tractors with 30-70 HP.

How to Use a Box Blade
Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
ETA-60XDBB-30-70 Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 60" Box Blade For Utility Tractors With 30-70 HP
ETA-66XDBB-30-70 Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 66" Box Blade For Utility Tractors With 30-70
ETA-72XDBB-30-70 Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 72" Box Blade For Utility Tractors With 30-70 HP
ETA-78XDBB-30-70 Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 78" Box Blade for Utility Tractors With 30-70 HP
ETA-84XDBB-30-70 Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 84" Box Blade for Utility Tractors With 30-70 HP
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Video Transcription:

Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're here to show you how to use the United H.H.D. Box Blade. As you can tell, this one's well used. It's mine. I keep it at home all the time. It's a tool I'd never be without because it's just good for almost everything it seems like. You've got your ripper shanks here that are adjustable. They're in their highest position now. They do have replaceable points. One of the most important things about a box blade, if you just want to level dirt or gravel, it isn't really going to matter. But if you actually want to cut a ditch or move some dirt, this curved cutting edge is very important.

A lot of the cheap blades just have a flat piece of steel, and there's about 10 times the price difference in a flat piece of steel and in this hard and curved edge here. So that curved edge is just essential to be able to actually cut the dirt and fill your box blade up with the dirt that you want to move to another area. So loose stuff you can move with a flat edge, but that's about all they're good for. I recommend always getting one with a curved edge, good replaceable tips, with a forward shank. So we're going to knock down this pile of dirt, spread it out real quick, and then we're going to angle our drawbar arms really steep, show you how you can cut a ditch for drainage.

Adjusting the top link is going to have a big effect on whether it's digging in or floating over the top when you're backing up and pulling forward. So right there was a low spot already, just got filled in. Always try to get a box blade or as many implements as you can with a clevis hitch instead of a pin hitch. It's going to be twice as strong and be easier to hook up on your drawbar arms. So with that curved edge, it cuts right into the dirt, collects a big pile of it, and you're able to spread it like you want to.

So unlike a cheap box blade that doesn't have replaceable ripper shanks or replaceable edges, when they're worn out, you basically throw away your whole tool, where this one can be continually rebuilt for years and years of use. So do some really deep ripper action. We're going to shorten this top link up. Wet down, pin up, or pick up. I'll let it back down. So we're tilting up the back of this blade, and we're angling these teeth down where it's really going to get its most ripping effect.

If you're doing it -- if you need to box blade on top of grass without the rippers, you're not going to do anything. Here all the way one direction as far as we can -- lift up just a little bit -- so that we can cut a ditch or a drainage way or just an angle on the side of the road. All right. Hey, Kevin. Get in this direction here and go that way a little bit. So now with the rippers fully down and with a lot of angle on it, you can see how he's able to cut a ditch. Then by the time he turns around and comes back with another angle on it, or does this twice and puts another angle, you could really have a big ditch.

So if you've got drainage problems and you need it to go, this is the way to do it. So you can have a one-sided ditch or a big V ditch if you decide to come back down at the other direction. All right. So a little bit of cleanup work, and you have a perfect ditch and get rid of that water that's been standing. So now we're going to level it back out and cover up this ditch, just so I won't have to mow over it later. Now we put our ripper teeth back up. We're smoothing our ditch back out that we cut. We're just going to clean this area up here where we can plant some grass on it.

Pushing backwards with that back edge is probably one of the best and most important things to be able to do well with a box blade. Having that curved cutting edge on the back is just a must to really be able to do anything besides scrape over it. So how to use a box blade, even though it's a simple device, it's probably one of the most asked questions I get on a daily basis. So you can see in less than 15 minutes, we've leveled that big pile of dirt. We've cut a ditch if you needed a drain line.

We've done some ripping if you were going to move a lot of hard dirt where you could rip it up and move it. We've totally smoothed it back out. So that is the most universal tool that I know of, is a box blade. We're fixing to hook to some pallet forts next. The box blade is always your best tool to have on the backs to give you a little counter weight.

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5 of 5 EA XTreme Duty Box Blade For Tractors with 30-70 H October 22, 2020
Reviewer: JIM MOORES from NC United States  
For once I bought something that really exceeds my wildest expectation. The description on your web-site really doesn't do it justice This is really extreme duty and the mid size (78") works out perfect. Shipping was no problem. All I can say is WOW and thanks!

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4 of 5 Box blade September 28, 2020
Reviewer: Edward from Morris, IL United States  
The EA blade I chose works well and is on par with others I’ve used. My only regret is not going with the heavier model. It took a lot of time to pull up gravel on a compacted driveway. Works well in soil. Definitely go heavier if you plan on modifying an established driveway or you’ll pay for it in time.

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5 of 5 Xtreme Duty 60" Box Blade September 19, 2020
Reviewer: Mike Hawkins from Macedonia, OH United States  
I've been thinning out a couple acres of woods this summer. Lots of dead trees, underbrush, overgrown to the point you couldn't hardly walk in there. I bought the box blade to smooth the bare areas to be able to plant grass. It worked very well on my JD 2032R. I dropped the scarifiers down a couple notches to break up the top couple inches of soil. There were a lot of tree roots from all the trees I took out. The smaller roots were easily ripped through. Some of the larger ones ones would snag a scarifier and stop the tractor. I'd back up a few inches, lift the box and move on. After breaking up the ground, I flipped the scarifiers upside down and raised them so they didn't contact the dirt. The box blade itself did a good job leveling the high and low spots. I found the crisscrossing the area gave the best results. Getting ready to plant grass today. Thanks for a great product.

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5 of 5 Better than any one I have owned before September 17, 2020
Reviewer: Earl Warren from Portsmouth, NH United States  
Looks good and works great. The metal thickness is impressive and the tines hold up. I have about 20 hours on it with the rippers down in rocky clay pulling up roots. Spent another ten hours leveling 1/2 acre with the rippers up and I have no complaints.
Next step for EA should be to include an EA shirt with all purchases of equipment!

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3 of 5 Its a box blade September 16, 2020
Reviewer: Jason C. from MI United States  
Its a heavy box blade for starters, looking at welds for the center section of the main beam and the up right frame area. The welded areas are concaved from being welded to fast (thin in the center at the joining area.) Also for the money spent I would have like to have both sides of the assembled box blade welded no just the inside. I don't like seeing an exposed rectangles of non welded areas. Yes, I may be to picky about things. I've being looking for defects as my job with years of training in NDT(non destructive testing) for many different types of commercial aircraft.  Time will tell with this piece and areas of suspect.  EA RESPONSE:  We put a huge amount of pride into our design and craftsmanship, and reports like this are unheard of.  Customer is being contacted and we request pics of the area in question.  Thousands of EA box blades are in the field and not one single broken weld has been reported.  Ever.

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