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Tractor Chain Harrow | Tractor Drag Harrow

Chain harrows or drag harrows have been used for many years to perform many tasks. Chain or drag harrows are inexpensive, and can be attached to any three point tractor for ultimate compatibility. The drag harrow looks like a section of chain link fence, with a spike wherever the links meet. The chian harrow spike can be pointed up or down, depending upon the job you are performing. Tractor chain and drag harrows can be used for thatch control, breaking up dirt clods, clearing cow pastures, and much more.
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Hackett Flexible Chain Mat Drag Harrow Hackett Chain Drag Harrow with Draw Bar

Hackett Flexible Chain Drag Harrow, Mat and Draw Bar, with 1/2" x 3 1/2" tines, 4ft., 6ft., 8ft., 10ft. & 12ft. Sizes Available. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!