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Shaver HD-12 Tractor Post Driver - 3 point Hitch Category 2
Shaver Post Driver - Model HD-12 Tractor 3pt Hitch Hydraulic Post Driver, category 2 or 3
Shaver Model HD-12 Tractor 3pt Hitch Hydraulic Post Driver

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Shaver HD-12 Post Driver - 3 point Hitch Category 2

This tractor mounted post driver delivers 100,000 lbs of pressure on it's full down stroke! Made to drive up to ten foot posts into the ground in less than 20 seconds, the Shaver HD-12 Post Driver only comes in a Hydraulic Tilt version, and is a must have attachment if you are putting up or maintaining a lot of fence line that uses large posts. Free Shipping within 1,000 miles!

This model Shaver Post Driver is designed to fit your Tractor 3 point hitch category 2. Shaver Drivers are fast, powerful, rugged and reliable. Everything Attachments believes that "Made in the USA" Shaver post drivers are known as the world's finest. They're built to heavier standards than the job requires. These tractor 3 point post drivers function using only six moving parts. The Shaver post driver machines perform year after year to tackle all your fencing needs.

All post hole drivers come with 1 stand, which is the industry standard, but at Everything Attachments, we include a second stand because we feel it has less of a chance of falling over with two legs.

*ask about installation requirements(welding/drilling) if adding optional pilot auger*

Product Code: SH-HD-12

4" Pilot Auger

Optional 4" Pilot Auger*:

Plug Package

Plug Package for tractors with closed center hydraulics [Add $156.25]

No Longer Available  

The HD-12 Shaver post driver shown above can hydraulically tilt of 15 degrees either direction to make sure you drive your posts straight, and delivers 100,000 lbs at full stroke force and can drive up to 10 7/8 inch posts in less than 30 seconds. All models take just a few minutes to mount or detach. All work with any 3-point hitch, with or without Quick-Tach.
Features and
HD-8 HD-10 HD-12H
Impact at Full Stroke 30,000 lbs. 71,500 lbs. 100,000 lbs.
Effective Weight of
Spring Powered Hammer
360 lbs. 725 lbs. 1,100 lbs.
Drives a 4-5" post in as little as 10 seconsds.
Operating Distance
Above Ground
53-126" 53-128" 53-128"
Operating distance above ground is adjustable on all models.
Post Size:
Maximum Width
Maximum Length
Drives steel, wood posts, railroad ties
7 1/8"
10 feet
8 3/4"
10 feet
10 7/8"
10 feet
No. of Block Studs 4 4 6
No. of Nyrim Blocks 4 4 6
With Hydraulic Base
With Manual Base Plate


Hydraulic Base Plate and
Manal Stabilizer Pad
optional optional optional
Category I, II, or III
category I category I category II
Adjustable with all models 25.0" - 40.5"
Mounting front or rear or skid ldr. front or rear or skid ldr. rear or skid ldr.
Whicever you shoose, it takes just a few minutes to mount or detach. Works
with any 3-point hitch, with or without Quick-Tach
Hydraulic Requirements 3-4 GPM/1,500 PSI 12 GPM/1,500 PSI 15 GPM/2,000 PSI
Shipping Weight:
With Hydraulic Base
With Manual Base Plate
(Weights listed are approximate)
486 lbs.
438 lbs.
714 lbs.
694 lbs.
957 lbs.

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