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Tractor Backhoes

Get the top rated backhoes we offer for your digging project shipped for free. Our tractor 3 and 4 point backhoes ship for free quick and easy. All backhoes are quoted as full working units, and are available for almost any tractor. We offer a full selection of backhoe buckets for any size hole or trench digging you could need. Let our experts with years of experience help you get the right size and powered backhoe for your machine.>

We carry Bradco and Ansung tractor backhoes capable of digging down to depths of 11 feet. Choose the right size backhoe for your tractor, then configure your options as necessary, bucket width and stabilizer pads can be changed on most models.

Take advantage of our free shipping and get extra buckets! Many of our customers will order additional sizes in buckets to save on shipping costs later, and to be ready for any digging task in the field.

Bradco is the King of 3 point hitch and subframe Backhoe Attachments. If you are looking for the most productive, strongest, heaviest built, backhoe . . . you just found them. They are not the cheapest, they are the best. Bradco has been building their backhoes for a very long time, and have gained much respect in the industry for their tractor backhoe productivity, and heavy duty backhoe reliability!
Ok everybody, we are talking about shipping some major pieces of equipment here. Backhoe models shown here depending on whether or not they have a subframe can weigh anywhere from 1500 lbs. up to 3000 lbs. They will ship on a large wooden skid, and these attachments are definately going to have to be shipped either to the closest terminal as they have large forklifts to load it onto your truck or trailer, or it will have to ship to a business with a loading dock with the means to unload an attachment of this size and weight. You could pony up the extra dough for the home delivery, but be sure you have the means to unload these monster backhoes when the truck pulls up!
Bradco is the best Backhoe on the market for your tractor, and well worth the extra dough!
Get more use out of your tractor with a Heavy Duty Bradco Backhoe Attachment.