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Dig potatoes with a potato plow or full fledged 3 point potato digger. Find the right style potato digging tool for your potato growing operation.
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Everything Attachments Potato Plow | Middle Buster PTO Powered Potato Digger 18 Inch Potato Plow Point
EA XTreme 18" Potato Plow
Our Price: $510.45
Sale Price: $479.82
You save $30.63!

PTO Powered Potato Digger
Our Price: $3,295.00

EA 18" Potato Plow Point
Our Price: $87.34
Sale Price: $82.10
You save $5.24!

The Everything Attachments Potato Plow or middle buster has an 18 inch shovel point, solid steel construction, and is Made In America! Free ground shipping to your door within 1,000 miles!
Easily bring potatoes to the top of the ground with a PTO powered potato digger. Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
This is the 18 inch potato plow point found on the Everything Attachments Potato Plow. Most potato plows only have 15 inch points.