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Digging Footer Corners w/ Kubota L245DT
Last Updated: 04/30/2008
Question: Need to determine the right PHD (post hole digger) for my tractor and application. I have a Kubota L245DT tractor with a cat 1 - 3 point hitch. The hitch takes a 26" wide draw bar. I would like to dig footing with the PHD and need the 42" depth. Will the L-7300 post hole digger fit this tractor? I like the heavier gear box. Also will my 23HP diesel tractor handle a 12" auger? Also, I have never used or seen a post hole digger in action. Need your plan is to use it to help in the digging of a footing where access is only available at a right angle to the ditch. The plan is to dig a series of holes with the post hole digger and cleanup the remaining hole by hand. The only alternative is to dig the entire hole by hand. I have about 60' of footing to dig. Your help is appreciated! 
Answer: The 7300 Auger is a little big for your tractor, the 7200 Jr. would work best. Your tractor and the 7200 Jr. will both easily handle a 12 auger and the work you are describing.
 7200 Jr.

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