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Bradco Pow R Cutter?
Question: I have a 6' pow r cutter Brush Mower and it didn't come with the wheel or caster out in front of the mower. Is this something you could get me a price on and availability. Thanks  
Replacement Bucket for Bradco Backhoe?
Question: I need a 10" or 12" bucket for a Bradco model 9MD2 backhoe. Our current 18" bucket has two pins, center to center is 7 3/4". Thanks.       Answer: The Bradco 9MD2
JD35D Excavator with Bradco Trencher . . .
Customer Question: JD35D Excavator with Bradco 615 Trencher  ?   Answer: I can supply the Bradco model 615 trencher with special custom made mount for the JD35D Excavator w
Backhoe Bucket for John Deere 48 backhoe?
Question: I have a John Deere 4310 with a John Deere 48 backhoe. Can any of these Bradco backhoe buckets fit a JD 48 backhoe? I'm looking for a small bucket for trenches like 9in to 12in. Prefer 9in.
Stump Bucket for Bobcat?
Question: Does the stump bucket have a Bobcat attachment plate? What would be the shipping cost to Duluth, Minnesota? I see that Duluth is beyond your range of free shipping. Once ordered, how long b
Seperating Good Dirt from Debris?
Question: I have numerous piles of dirt mixed with debris from clearing the land we live on. I am looking for an attachment for my skid steer that will take buckets of dirt mixed with rocks and small
Rock Bucket for 4050 John Deere Loader?
Question: i have a 4050 jd tractor with an 860 front loader by great bend with a great bend quick draw latch attach we are clearing land and need to pick rock what rock bucket do i need for my tracto
Tree Spade for Mini Loader . . .
Customer Question: I have never seen or operated a Bradco spade for a skid loader or mini loader.   I'm looking for a spade to fit a mini loader(as well as the rear stabilizers, etc for a ope