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Kubota B7800 . . . Which Post Hole Digger?
Customer Question: I just want confirm that a 7300 Post hole digger will fit a Kubota b7800   Answer: The 7200 Junior is actually the correct post hole digger model for your Kubota B
Post Hole Digger for Kubota L3940 tractor?
Customer Question: I have a 2007 Kubota L3940 tractor. Which post hole digger do I need...the L7200JR or the L7200. Also, will my tractor turn the 12" auger? I will need a tiller also..Which is be
What works best for Rock Removal up to 1 ft. Diameter?
Question: I have rocks in my ground that are sometimes as big as a foot in diameter.  I am worried that a harrow or rotary tiller would break on my ground.  Do people use those in that circ
Digging Footer Corners w/ Kubota L245DT
Question: Need to determine the right PHD (post hole digger) for my tractor and application. I have a Kubota L245DT tractor with a cat 1 - 3 point hitch. The hitch takes a 26" wide draw bar. I would
Which Auger for Kubota 7500?
Question: I have a Kubota 7500 compact Tractor. Will the PTO and length of the auger 9" be to big with the series LB - 73000 post hole digger? I have been told I need a smaller/short auger for this s
Tiller Replacement Parts . . .
Customer Question: Before ordering, want to make sure parts is available for Sigma Tillers and what timeframe to receive after ordering ? Also, are there any discounts if ordering more than one at