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Dave Aldrich Dave Aldrich Light Construction Dealer Development and Service Manager for Paladin Construction Group.
When buying or renting an auger attachment, it is important to match the size of your auger drive to the hydraulic flow and pressure that your skid steer is producing. Choose the auger head or auger bit design to match the type of soil condition you will be working with. For example, choosing an auger drive too large for your hydraulic system will give you fewer rotations on the bit. Too small of a drive will give more rotations on the bit, but less torque. Choosing a fabricated head with teeth placed in a straight line, compared to a cast head with more of an aggressive tooth pattern, to dig through harder ground conditions like compacted soil will make your job more difficult. Both scenarios could cause the excess wear and tear of your auger attachment and/or skid steer, greatly reducing the lifespan of both. When looking to buy an auger attachment, one of the first questions a dealer will often ask is, "What kind of hydraulic system does your skid steer have?" If you come prepared with this information, as well as the type of digging conditions you will be facing, your dealer should be able to recommend the best auger for your application.

Skid Steer Planetary Hydraulic Auger

If you are looking for the right Auger for digging post holes, or drilling thru rock, you just found them here at Everything Attachments. We feature Skid Steer Hydraulic Augers with Planetary Drives.
We also offer 2 9/16 ROUND AUGER DRIVES  Available for the same price as Hex Drive models upon request.

2 Year Comprehensive Warranty

The 75 Series Offers a 5 Year "No Hassle" Planetary Gearbox Warranty

All 75 Series hydraulic motor drives the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction. The heavy duty all gear design gives these units a long life with minimal maintenance and service costs. 75 Series drive units are completely sealed with all moving components running in oil for total lubrication on a constant basis. All models feature reverse rotation for quick backout when obstructions are encountered. The systems' hydraulic relief valve protects the units from damage when the auger hits large immoveable objects.

Why use a Hydraulic Digger?

Whenever you need to make a hole in the ground, you should dig it if at all possible with a Skid Steer Hydraulic Auger/Digger.  Skid steer diggers make post hole digging, digging for foundations, or whatever other kind of digging you need to do easy as driving up to the place you need the hole, and using the hydraulic power of your skid steer to dig the hole to the appropriate depth.