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EA XTreme Root Rake Grapple

Large Compact Utility Tractor Wicked Root Rake Grapple

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Everything Attachments Tractor Loader Root Rake Grapple

Our version of the root rake style grapple will match up to your tractor perfectly and give you the ability to pull out underground roots and debris. The tines measure 8.5 " from tip to bar, allowing it to dig deep to leave a clean top soil layer. The 1/2 inch tines and construction ensure this grapple won't bend or break during use, and the abrasion resistant metal will last for many years. Ideal for Compact Tractors up to 65 Horsepower with a max ballasted weight of 7,500 pounds.
Root rake top lid is designed for raking loose material backwards and not intended to pry or pull embedded objects such as roots or stumps.

  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • STRONG and Rigid 1/2 inch abrasion resistant steel construction.
  • Premium A572 US Steel body with durable AR400 abrasion resistant points on tines.
  • 60 & 72 inch models available.
  • Approximate weight: 420 pounds (60") and 460 pounds (72").
  • 36" lid opening.
  • 2" bore x 6" stroke cylinders for extreme gripping power.
  • 8.5 inch maximum ground penetration depth.
  • Tines are spaced at 12.5 inches center to center. (outer tines on 72" model are spaced out at 6.5").
  • Versatile and Rigid top clamp can be used to pull down, push forward and rake backwards.
  • Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach is standard.
  • Also available for ALL newer JOHN DEERE loaders including, but not limited to the 120R, D120, H120, H130, H160, D160, H165, D170, H180, 220R and older 200, 300, 400 Series Front End Loaders with special JD quick attach hookup for $50.00...JD does have newer loaders which are the same as the ones listed.
  • CALL to see if a custom mount is offered for your loader.
  • Everything Attachments Product Warranty
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
  • Grease prior to use.
If you need a 3rd function kit for your tractor, check out the custom kit we offer for many tractors here: WR Long 3rd Function Kit

360 Degree View Click Here for 360 Degree View

American Made Attachment

*We include 58" hydraulic hoses to reach the right side of the loader torque tube. If your hydraulic outlets are mounted in a different location we can include longer hoses(within reason) if discussed when ordering.

  • 1/2" ag style couplers are standard. Flat Face available for $85 more.

60" and 72" Widths Available
The Everything Attachments Tractor Loader Root Rake Grapple includes hoses and couplers.Free shipping within 1,000 miles!
Ideal for Compact Tractors with 35-65 HP

Item# Item Name Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
ETA-CMP-RRG-60 EA Xtreme Tractor Root Rake Grapple 60"
$ 3,437.70
ETA-CMP-RRG-72 EA Xtreme Tractor Root Rake Grapple 72"
$ 3,605.70
JDH-ETA-RG John Deere Hitch For ETA Root Grapples
$ 54.41
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EA Xtreme RRG ASV PT-60

Extended Information:
Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and we're here today with our new rake style grapple. Now the difference between a rake style grapple and a brush grapple mainly is the front [inaudible 00:00:27] are more like rippers, like would be on a dozer or on a box plate or something simply for ripping through the ground, getting to the roots easier than what's on the other grapple, which is a very long [inaudible 00:00:40] and it does have about a six or eight-inch space that it can get through the roots and so forth on the root grapples and they're great for brush and that's probably the most popular grapple.

We also get a lotta call for a rake style grapple where you can rake through the ground, get up bigger roots, push with bigger tractors. This is...it's not really our compact version, I'm just gonna call it our small version because we are gonna have a larger version which will be for a skid steer. But we've engineered this similar to the Bradco compact, but we've made it a little taller, we've changed some geometries, we've made some steel thicker. Because it's closer to the tractor, we're able to get away with adding a little bit of weight, so it won't kill the lift of the compact tractors.

Most of what you're gonna be doing, you're gonna use the force of the weight of your tractor, going through the ground with the bottom rippers and then being able to load what you've got like a grapple. Now this grapple will open much wider, it opens to about 36 inches. The Bradco Grapple only opens to 30 inches and we'll go over that when we get to the cylinder geometry. We're gonna rate this for up to a 7,500 pound tractor or a 2,500 pound lift capacity, somewhere in there. A small skid steer shouldn't have any problem with it. We've increased a lot of the thicknesses on this, from three-eights on the Bradco to half inch. We're also using an A572 material, which is twice as...got twice the tensile strength of like A36 and just has some better properties of, you know, for the different things that it does, grappling not twisting and flexing and so forth.

We've used a common pin design instead of the two short pins, making it much stronger. We've guarded the hoses really good, we'll show you on the back, we've kept all the [inaudible 00:02:45] half inch in thickness. As of right now, we're only gonna make it in two widths, and that's a 60 and a 72. Bradco does make it in a 66, but it simply adds another [inaudible 00:02:59] that's only 3 inches away from the outer [inaudible 00:03:02]. And for a tractor, it's gonna make it harder to push it through the ground. The more [inaudible 00:03:07] you put on it, simply the harder it is to push through the ground. So we want the, you know, the 30 horsepower tractors to still be able to use this and still be able to penetrate the ground and get the roots out, and then let it go on up to the 75 horsepower tractors, you know, 7,500 pounds, whatever like that should be fine with this grapple. We will make a bigger one that'll hold more capacity and be designed for skids steers later.

And we've got some really good pictures of this on our page for this, it shows the grapple fully open and what you'll find with that six inches of extra grapple, instead of the bottom kinda looking like that and the top still down, we're able to bring the top to where it's almost vertically flat in the middle. So that helped a lot. We're using an industrial cylinder with six inches of stroke instead of five like the Bradco does, so that lets us do two things. It lets us open it up further and close it further. So you get a better pinch on your stuff, you're able when you're in just pure brush, you're able to open it up wider and get more of a push into it, more of a grab. And from this pin to this pin, we've increased the distance about an inch, and that's gonna give you about 20% more clamping power. So we've got more power clamping, we've got more opening, we've got thicker metal and we're rating it to go on larger stuff and it's still light enough because it's close to the front of the tractor, unlike a root grapple which goes out about another foot. You know, we're able to keep the weight close to the tractor where it shouldn't be a problem.

Now, instead of the hoses on a Bradco and a lotta the others I see come out the back, and those fittings are really vulnerable to get hit, we've come out the side, we've put a plate right here so it completely covers every bit of the cylinder, every bit of the hoses so nothing can get back there to the cylinder from this side. So we did finally put in a CNC lathe. So now on these pins here, we do drill the pin to the center, drill a hole in the middle of it, countersink the grease fitting where it can't get knocked off and you can grease it. And this top fitting should definitely be greased because there's a lotta movement up here and you're far out of the dirt, so that you shouldn't be down in the dirt.

Now down here on this particular one, it was a prototype and it was a mistake. It does have a greased fitting. The ones that come out should not have a grease fitting because you don't want grease down here where the dirt is because then it just holds the dirt and sits there and just grinds more and more. So what dirt does get there, there's nothing you can do about it, adding grease just keeps it there. So we're not gonna put a grease pin in the bottom.

Now we put a nice hook on the back side of this for back dragging and that's why I know you're gonna end up with dirt there. So when you get on a hard root or something and you're backing up, you can catch it with that hook right there, probably tear it out of the ground. We've kept out of the hitch pieces and we do also offer the standard John Deere hitch for the 200 through 400 series loaders with...that have the two hooks at the top and the dial [SP] pin at the bottom with the linchpin, we've already got that designed, so we're ready for that, there's no extra charge at Everything Attachments for the John Deere hitch, that's already done. But we kept everything half inch, we gusseted the underneath of the main plate where your wedge pin goes. We've gusseted this top plate, which is still half inch, with the main gusset from the pin holder here and put another one over on this side. It'll come standard with 44-inch hoses, with [inaudible 00:07:06] couplers, you get one male and one female. That's what goes on all of our one touch or electric over hydraulic kit, auxiliary hydraulics to go to the front. If you need different couplers, we can do that. If for some reason you need more hose length, all you have to do is tell us, we'll do that for you also.

If you're using a factory Kubota one touch kit or auxiliary hydraulics and they come down on the right hand-side of the boom and don't come to the center of the torque tube, then you're gonna need longer hoses, about a foot more. So let us know that that's what you've got, so we know to put the longer hoses on there for you. What we've done, we've put on the Bradco grapple, and we love Bradco products, so we're not gonna down their product. But what we've done, Bradco had a stop on the grapple when it was fully closed. We've put a stop when it's closed and open so it's not bottoming out in the cylinder in either direction, because a lot of the times when the grapple is open and it's called a rake, you're gonna lean this whole grapple down. So when you've got this fully open, you can see that it makes a nice slight curve here unlike it would if it were six inches down further. Right here is the stop for when the tube...for when the lid is all the way down, and that's gonna bottom out and leave about an eighth of an inch on the cylinder where it's not bottoming out.

And we've welded an extra pad on the tube to keep from collapsing the tube. So we've got a really nice opening here. And then so when you roll this rake over, you've got these nice notches here, they're laser cut, they're sharp, they're gonna help pull back your debris so you can get to it to grab it. Okay, so what we did right here was when we designed this piece right here, which is your rake [inaudible 00:09:06], we...this piece right here, to right here, underneath the cylinder, it's flat. It's flat when it hits this tube. So when it was fully open like I was just holding it, and that's when you're gonna have as much pressure raking backwards on the cylinder or the stop, in this case it's gonna be the stop, then you will when you're closing it. So what we did was this is a flat area here and it's gonna hit a tube that's hollow. So, since there's so much pressure, we're gonna rake this up to a 75 horsepower tractor, a 2,500 pound lift. This has a chance that it could push the tube in. So what we did was, before this outer [inaudible 00:09:52] was put on, we cut a piece that fits exactly inside this tube and we slid it down to exactly where this bottoms out. So there's a solid piece welded inside this main tube here to keep that tube from collapsing.

So when we engineer our products at Everything Attachments, we try to look at everything we can and just make it better than what the competitors have. So we've got a good stop on the front and it also has a plate in front of it to keep from crushing the tube, and where this hitss, we didn't wanna put a plate because it's close to this cylinder here. So the best way to do it to make it just like it's on a solid piece, was to countersink a piece that fits directly inside the tube and weld it in there. So it's just like hitting a solid block. So it shouldn't collapse the tube or move in any way, either direction where it can damage the cylinder. So I think everything about that is just better.

This is half inch, your point right here, that point is out of a AR, which is an abrasion resistant four hundred material, has a 400 tensile strength. So it's super strong and it's wear resistant, that's what the AR is, abrasion resistance. So that is welded on the end of this, should last a long time because it's a very expensive metal, it's very hard and we also, from the tube here out, to make it one inch wide instead of half inch wide like the [inaudible 00:11:23], we laminated another piece right beside of it that goes down underneath that tooth. So you do have a full one inch support from the tooth, all the way back to the front tube making everything stronger.

Okay, so in the back we put on a three-sixteenths thick hose saver here, a guard, that's welded all the way on the front here, protects your hoses from everything from the front, and then your hoses come up the side here and as you can see, they're protected all the way. The plate comes all the way over to here. The hoses come in behind here, go up under here. There is a fitting here, so if you need to replace them, you're not gonna have to route all your hoses all through there. You would simply undo your number six connection right here and unhook it.

So, in areas... This grapple actually took a lot longer to design than I thought because I didn't know we were gonna make so many changes. We actually widened the top and bottom here because we're using a longer cylinder, which just gives you more grab and you've got the more opening, you've got a further closing, you've got the more leverage here because you've got more stroke on your cylinder. Everything about this grapple is just better in my opinion. We're using A572 steel and it's 25% cheaper than the grapple we were selling from Bradco, because you're buying direct from the manufacturer, back to us, we send it directly to you, no dealers, no distributors, you know, no sales pamphlets have to be sent out to every dealership every year, sales books to all the dealers, there's just so many things where we can give you a better product for less money and get it delivered to you, and just...it's a better deal. So give us a call at Everything Attachments. We'll help size this for your machine and anything else you need, just give us a call or an email, we'll be happy to help you.

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5 of 5 Xtreme grapple May 25, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Marshall, VA United States  
Good quality product. Good service when i ordered. They called and kept me informed on shipping date.Don't know how I ever survived without a grapple.

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5 of 5 Grapple July 1, 2022
Reviewer: JIMMY SLEDGE from BROOKS, GA United States  
The grapple was sent when you estimated that it would be shipped and was in perfect condition.

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5 of 5 Great grapple- Well worth the wait June 22, 2021
Reviewer: Robert Sissons from Simms, TX United States  
I received my grapple a few weeks before promised.  There is an average 3 month delivery but it is well worth the wait for a implement you will have for years to come.

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5 of 5 John deere hook up grapple April 22, 2021
Reviewer: robert hungate from narrows, VA United States  
Grapple works great.  It would be easier to hook up if a solid piece of steel was directly under the top hook ups, as I bent the small steel first time I used it.  Other than that I am totally happy with it

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5 of 5 Root rake grapple April 6, 2021
Reviewer: DEREK ROBINSON from CALGARY, AB Canada  
I recently spent a week using my root rake grapple to clear some trees on a property I own. So far it has worked really well, it is very well built and strong. It perfect for my tractor as it is not as heavy as the ones made for skid steers. For Canadians thinking of ordering I did not have to pay any duty, just brokerage ($160) and GST.

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