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Cold Planer | Asphalt Milling Machine | Road Planer

We offer the highest quality brands of asphalt milling machines. Here at Everything Attachments we offer expert advice and free shipping with all of our cold road planers within the continental US. Used by construction crews to mill down the top layer of asphalt for resurfacing, cold planers have to be made tough enough to plow through hard asphalt with carbide teeth. We sell all of our road planers as complete assemblies including mounting hitch, hoses, and teeth. When your planer arrives you are ready to work. These top notch machines are backed by years of expertise in skid steer attachments and machinery.

Bradco Planer is a combination of about 12 years of planer evolution. We've incorporated all the changes that each manufacturer has made. Like, the Alitec Planer, like, the Conitech Universal Planer, like, the FFC Planer or the Bobcat Planer. At the request of end users, resellers, dealers and OEMs we've added between 200 to 300 pounds, depending on the model that you're comparing it to, to the Bradco Planer. This weight has been added in the side plates, in the side skids, in the upper frame and into the back frame. All that extra weight so it stays in the cut.

Other features that we have, removed the depth cylinders from the front or the rear and we put them up out of the cut up on top of the machine, where you can easily see the depth of the cut and any debris stays away from the cylinder itself. The depth cylinders are independently operated, which means, they're not running series like some units out there, so you can lock them in and hold a cut or tilt to one position and it will not drift.

This arrow points to the level of tilt. It goes up to 10 degrees, right or left. We do have another feature of this pivot head. We have full right side shift and a full left side shift so you can use the entire side shift frame, which adds additional mobility. The cylinder rod, which is much larger than any of the competition out there, it allows for longevity of the side shift frame, side shift cylinder.

We have the planetary gear box motor, but it's a wheel drive planetary. Wheel drive is different from a standard drive unit where a wheel drive has enough bearing support that it does not need a two and half inch bearing drum support on the opposite side of the motor. That allows you to meet additional bid specs written around Bobcat Planers that remove the side plate to get up closer to curbs.

Motor planetary drive is much more efficient. You get higher torque levels, higher continuation with the horse power as opposed to the direct drive planer. We have the ability to drive electro-hydraulically on any three line system or five line system.

Up to six function control handle, allows the tilt, depth and side shift from inside the cab. We have a five by three two big assembly that gives much more rigid structure to the back of the frame and we also added an angle out from the attach plates so it's easier to hook up.

We have a three inch pivot pin. A lot of abuse ends up on that pin, it's very important to have that as large as you can afford to get it. We have half inch oil impregnated tie bar, allows for smoother side shift and longer life.

Another bid spec feature, we have removable skids or wheels. Additional features of the unit are the ratchets and the doors. Many of the doors out there lift up, similar to this, and the latches are weak. What we've done here is taken the latch, made it a custom, heavy duty latch on this unit and we've brought the door out. When you remove the picks it's a lot easier to get to and you're not banging your head on the top of the lid itself. We have a thicker drum than most units out there. All this, again, adds to the overall weight of the unit, keeping it in the cut. Our pivot points are all plated and, and most of them have recessed greased cert fitting. Our wheels are different, where they are actually preset bearing as opposed to bushing, on competitive units.

We have better overall paint quality, d-rings. Another difference is our heavy duty steps we have on each one of our planers. It's much more safety oriented.

Skid Steer Cold Planer Questions
These skid steer cold planers are built to stand the test of time. Solid hardened steel wheels with greasable manifold pins and protected grease zerks are great features of the cold planer skid steer attachments we sell.
A few features of these Skid Steer Cold Planer Attachments are: Independent self leveling depth adjustment plates allow precise lapping cuts and taper cuts make this skid steer cold planer superior. Planetary drive delivers high torque. High rear spoil clearance prevents recirculation of material. Protective shields for hydraulic and electrical components.
These features make our line-up of Skid Steer Cold Planers the right choice for your application.