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Excavator Tracks - Rubber Replacment Tracks and Steel Tracks are available for most Mini-Excavator and Excavator makes and models.
We offer Solideal Excavator Rubber Replacement Tracks. Solideal tracks are 100% natural rubber, NOT the synthetic stuff you will find elsewhere, they offer and stand behind the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, and have field service agents there when you need them. Look to to bring you only the best for you machine.


Solideal USA Lifetime Tire Guarantee

All Solideal products are guaranteed to be free from defects due to materials and workmanship.

If a product is defective upon our examination and analysis, Solideal USA will provide an allowance against the original purchase price. The allowance will be determined by Solideal USA, to be applied toward the purchase of a new product, based on the remaining un-used portion of the tread or warrantable lifetime on the defective product.

The cost of transportation, service, and sales tax, already paid will be borne by the owner of the Solideal product making the claim. Warranty will not apply if the Solideal product has been installed, altered, repaired or misused in any matter whatsoever, which, in our opinion, has affected performance.

This warranty is for the exclusive benefit of the owner and this warranty is not assignable.

Below you will find just a few of what is available, if you do not see your model listed, please give us a call toll free, email us at or click on the Live Help button in the upper left hand corner from anywhere on our site.