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Bad Boy Lightning Z Hitch?
Question: Will the hitch attachment fit the lightening series or only the pup series?   Answer: The Lightning Z has a specific hitch, it is $55.00 delivered via UPS.
Bad Boy Mulching Kit
Question: I have a 52" Bad Boy Pup and am looking to add a mulch kit. What all comes with their mulch kit? Is it just blades and a block off plate?   I was thinking about just ordering a a
Bar lug tire for the Badboy mowers?
Question: Do you guys carry a bar lug tire for the Badboy mowers?   Answer: Yes, they are $89.95 each plus shipping.  If delivered out of state, no NC tax… 
Shipping Options . . .
Customer Question: I just placed an order for a mower. The only options for delivery were residence and business.   I requested residence since I don't have a business.   I have no fork