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3 point Gooseneck Hitch . . .
Question: I have a 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee tractor with good hydraulic 3 pt hitch. Want to move around gooseneck trailor with a 32ft houseboat on it, with the tractor. Trailer has tandem axles and i
4 in 1 Tractor Loader Bucket for Kubota B3030
Question: I am interseted in purchasing the 4 in one bucket for my tractor , Kubota B3030, however the hydraulic valve has taps, but not an auxilary valve. I see on the description you advertise a Ca
Auger Drive for Tractor Frontend Loader?
Question: I have a kubota l48 tractor with a skid steer quick attach for my bucket. Can I connect your augers to this front end of my tractor and quick disconect it. I am a contractor and need to be
Backhoe Bucket for John Deere 48 backhoe?
Question: I have a John Deere 4310 with a John Deere 48 backhoe. Can any of these Bradco backhoe buckets fit a JD 48 backhoe? I'm looking for a small bucket for trenches like 9in to 12in. Prefer 9in.
CAT 430 Forks?
Question: I have a CAT 430 backhoe with a quick atach bucket set up on the front. Do you make forks that will fit that machine? If so how much are they?     Answer: We have the Construct
Fertilizer Spreader XA300 question
Question: Does the xa300 spreader come with a pto shaft. Is it still free shipping on this purchase. Is there a sales tax on this spreader. Can you adjust the flow rate on it How long would it take t
Finishing Mower for Massey Ferguson 135?
Question: Hi; I am considering buying a finish mower and am thinking the 84" ,would be the best for the large yard I have.....was wondering if my massey 135 3 cyl gas tractor would be able to handle
Hay Rake for Apple Orchard?
Question: I have an apple orchard with the trees 8' apart. I want to be able to mow the grass in between the rows. Of course that means I need a rake no wider than 4'. Do you have a suggestion for me
High Capacity Bucket for Kubota R420 . . .
Question: I am looking for a 1 yard bucket for a Kubota R420, I can use either the bobcat hook up (two locking levers with pins going down) or the single lever with the two pins on the side. Thank yo
Hinemoto Key?
Question: i have a hinemoto best e 15 tractor.i was wondering if you might have an ignition key to fit my tractor. thanks    Answer: We do not have access to Hinemoto or their parts. Try
JD460 front end loader Bucket
Question: I am looking for a bucket that will fit a John Deere JD460 front end loader. I want a high volume bucket no wider than 5' that has a capacity of approx 1/2 cu.yd.   Answer: Our C
KK Mower 6ft Lift issue
Question: When installed properly on the tractor, how high should the King Kutter 6 ft. Rotary Cutter be able to lift off the ground? I attached to tractor, but in the full up posit
New Holland TC30 Root Grapple?
Question: I have a NH TC30 with a front end loader. How do you adapt the root grapple to a standard front end loader in order to operate the cylinders for grapple bucket?   Answer: You wou
Pin On Pallet Forks instead of Quick Attach?
Question: Compact Tractor Pallet Forks 1800 lb.cap FREE SHIPPING   Can you customize this to pin directly on my loader arms?     I don't have a QA system, and would be
Replacement Bucket for Bradco Backhoe?
Question: I need a 10" or 12" bucket for a Bradco model 9MD2 backhoe. Our current 18" bucket has two pins, center to center is 7 3/4". Thanks.       Answer: The Bradco 9MD2
Rock Bucket for 4050 John Deere Loader?
Question: i have a 4050 jd tractor with an 860 front loader by great bend with a great bend quick draw latch attach we are clearing land and need to pick rock what rock bucket do i need for my tracto
Spreader for Kubota BX 2350?
Question: I have A Kubota BX 2350 I would like to know if Your Agrex Fertilizer Spreader XA150 is Compatiable with this Tractor? Would Appreciate in Information you can Furnish Me.   Answe
Tiller for John Deere 23 hp Tractor?
Question: Hello. i am looking for a pull behind tiller that would would on a 23 hp johndeere. Got any ideas?   Answer: The Phoenix T5-44, 44 Rotary Tiller will work fine on your machine.
Tiller for Kubota BX24 Tractor . . .
Customer Question: I am interested in a new Phoenix T5-40R 40", reverse tine, orange, 6 blade per flange, heavy duty slip clutch, with PTO shaft, 1 year warranty tiller delivered to a fa
Tiller Replacement Parts . . .
Customer Question: Before ordering, want to make sure parts is available for Sigma Tillers and what timeframe to receive after ordering ? Also, are there any discounts if ordering more than one at