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  Everything Attachments Wicked Root Grapple for Compact Tractors
Everything Attachments Wicked Root Grapple

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Wicked Root Grapple

Everything Attachments is proud to announce the wicked root grapple for compact tractors, with high strength steel and weight reduction, this compact root grapple will out perform all other compact root grapples regardless of price. We have used a stronger steel than the competitors, with a minimum yield strength of 80,000 lbs. The use of stronger steel makes it the perfect attachment for compact tractors.
  • 80,000 lb. yield strength minimum
  • Laser cut for precision
  • Serrated tines
  • 5/16" steel construction with 3/8" end tines
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles
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Model Width Weight (lbs.)
ETA-WRG-CMP54 54" 365
ETA-WRG-CMP60 60" 382
ETA-WRG-CMP66 66" 410
ETA-WRG-CMP72 72" 435

Technical Specifications::
"I did everything I could do to stress test this new design. I think anything can be torn up if you don't know how to use something properly but I tried almost everything and wasn't able to hurt it. It was also a pleasure not having that extra 100 pounds from the grapple I was using the day before. One of my friends rode by that knew me from the old days and the first thing out of his mouth after he knew I designed and built the grapple were...... "You've Race Car'ed it!!!" and I replied with a huge smile because he was right on the money!! The only other way to make a grapple lighter is to use 2 piece tines which are much cheaper and not near as strong. This was a 66" grapple, hoses, couplers and cylinders...complete....408 pounds. I went from 3/8" tines to 5/16" using 80,000 yield strength steel then laminated(with a small gusset at the end) the tips with 3/16" making it go thru the ground with just little grooves. The large gussets you see on other grapples make it much harder to push thru the ground when trying to get the roots and results in a lot more unwanted damage to the turf. Using our new laser, cutting the circular holes out of the tines alone reduced the weight by 38 pounds without reducing its strength and function whatsoever. The holes have to be cut with a laser instead of a plasma because the heat created from the plasma with the holes this close together will warp the tine. Also, we are able to put razor sharp teeth on the end which makes everything stay in the grapple much better and adds to it's wickedness. The outer tines are 3/8" and we did many other things that we will highlight in the video as soon as we get one painted for sale. Actually, I've already sold a couple over the phone with the attached pictures for delivery after New Years."

 -Ted Corriher

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